For those parents who feel that they are at a handicap when trying to teach science to their home schooling kids Apologia science curriculum can come as a major confidence booster. The material in the texts is written in such a manner that you as an instructor could be eliminated and the child would still learn. That does not mean that you should go missing but it does help to know that such a wonderful teaching tool is available to you.

For the 4th to 6th grade students the Young Explorers series from Apologia science curriculum called Educational Media is a good way to start a science program which is colorful and will keep the kids engaged. The first book in the series is on Astronomy and is really comprehensive. It is not just about the stars and space and you whizzing past the information in a couple of weeks but learning about a number of concepts in a year long course.

The Apologia science curriculum includes concepts such as space travel, zero gravity, floating or walking on walls and ceilings and a number of interesting ideas which can never be covered in a typical homeschool curriculum in such detail. Additional research assignments for age appropriate depth on the topics can be undertaken on the course website as well. The local library can also come to aid in additional note booking and narration assignments that you may wish to give the child.

The kids love the activities that are based on the book and the Apologia science curriculum is never in conflict with God. A Christ centric approach is kept up in the books reducing conflict between God and science. The author Jeannie Fulbright has woven in the purpose of creation of the universe and added scripture passages in praise of God for his awesome work. Unlike the secular astronomy books here due thanks is given for God and his creation. So those who wish to home school their children with a Christ Centered curriculum will find the course very useful indeed.