I, like many of you, wondered why after college I slavishly worked in my failing economy in a position where I was overqualified and underpaid. After piling up college debt, or even if you were fortunate enough to have college paid for with some assistance, I am betting you’re still not making ends meet. No matter which English speaking country you are from I am assuming you are competing for jobs that you are overqualified for and are perfectly suitable to perform. Maybe you chose a degree in a subject that impassioned you, only to find out later it’s less lucrative as you originally thought or opportunity is just not there. Perhaps the jobs you do find will only pay you well-under what you deserve, that is, if they decide to hire you at all. The truth is there are many people out there who are older, have more experience, and appear to be less naïve to prospective employers. It seems to me that employers are consistently overlooking the cutting-edge innovative strategies of recent college graduates and not willing to take the gamble on inexperience. Even if you have the experience, as was in my case, maybe your career just isn’t paying the bills or you’re just looking for an adventure.

I’m here to share a secret with you. The secret is that there is a place beyond the smog of industry and collapsing opportunity in the west. If you look to Asia you will quickly discover they have thousands of employers that are actually willing to take a gamble on college graduates with little or no professional experience. The best part is you only need a Bachelor’s degree in any field to make your start. I will tell you now you will be able to live comfortably and gain middle-class citizen status. By no means will you become rich living in some mansion after you leave; I’m not trying to portray that idea. But, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of money at the end of the month and can save a little hile you’re at it.

Get the best out of your Korean experience by preparing before you leave your native country. Proper preparation will help reduce culture shock and the dreaded first three months of home sickness most expats experience. Korea is a land of opportunity for college graduates that aren’t being given a chance in the west. I will make one promise to you and that promise is that going to Korea will be the one thing you will never regret in life. You will take the good and the bad together one day and happily say you made the right choice.  You will meet great people, experience good food, and enjoy independence.