Christian Easter Egg Activities of all kinds are great for teaching our kids and grandkids more about God

They also add to your sweet family memories

The Holy Trinity Explained to Children
Credit: Trina and Friends

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Making Good Use of Christian Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Are you interested in teaching your children or grandchildren about the Holy Trinity and looking for activities and ideas to help? It's a tough concept to understand, even for grown-ups. It's even harder for kids, but there are some fun projects for kids and grandkids that can make it easier.

With Easter right around the corner, it's the perfect time for one of my favorite ways - using Easter egg decorating crafts and activities to give them a great visual example. 

This year, as you prepare the colored dye and boil the eggs, while getting ready to color Easter eggs, use the time to talk to your kids about God, Jesus and Easter. And don't just start with Palm Sunday. I like to go back to Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus. After all, without Christmas there would be no Easter. And without Easter, Christmas wouldn't mean anything. 

My grandkids were enthralled this year as I pointed out that God Almighty came down to earth as a tiny baby, just like they once were. He wore diapers, just like them. And those diapers got dirty and yucky, just as theirs once had. They could really relate to that. In fact, kids of all ages can - whether they are preschoolers, 4th graders, or even junior highers! It really  helps them realize that Jesus was a human, just like them. But He was, and is, God as well.

From there, it's easy to talk about His earthly Father and His heavenly Father, who is also our heavenly Father. And then I explain that the One Who helps us understand all of this is the Holy Spirit. That's a good time to remind them that Jesus was even baptized, just like they were or will be. And when He was baptized in the water, God the Holy Spirit was there - like a dove, and God the Father spoke out that this was His beloved Son.  Yes, God is three people but ONE God.

At that point, if not before, there are usually questions. "How can that happen?" "Is Jesus God or is the Father God or...?" And that's where the Easter eggs are so handy!

I take one of the hard-boiled eggs and cut it in half. Then I ask my grandchildren what they see. With a little prompting occasionally needed, they'll tell me they see the white of the egg, the yolk of the egg, and, of course, the shell of the egg. Then I ask them, how many eggs are right there in front of them. "One!" they reply. "One egg - but three parts," I explain. "And the Holy Trinity is kind of like that - One God, three people - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We don't really understand it, but that's OK because God does. We know it is true because God explains it to us in the Bible."

The last time my grandkids and I discussed this, they got quite excited about the whole concept and started telling me all about it. For the most part, they had it correct. But, of course, I listened carefully and explained areas they were a little uncertain about.

As one of my pastors pointed out, the egg example is not perfect - nothing really is. The Holy Trinity is definitely a concept that is easier visualized than explained. And for Christian kids (and many adults, including me), this is a great way to picture a difficult concept that is clearly explained in the Word of God. Plus it adds to your delightful and sweet family memories as you enjoy these fun Christian Easter egg activities for your kids and grandkids