Teaching the Encouraging 10 Commandments Bible Memory Verses for Children with Cute Country Clipart

The 10 Commandments Bible Memory Verses and Clip Art for Children

Encouraging Bible Memory Verses for Teaching the Ten Commandments for Children
Credit: Kaye Swain & Cute Country Clipart by Trina and Friends

Teaching The 10 Commandments for Kids and Grandkids Can Be Fun!

Teaching Bible Memory Verses to Children Can Help YOU As Well!

Memorizing the Word of God is vital for all of us who love Him, and Bible memory verses for children are especially important. The verses we learned when we were kids are the ones we usually still know the best today. That's definitely true for me - 50 years later! David also agreed that memorizing verses is valuable! In Psalms 119:11, he wrote, "Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You!" (NKJV). 

I love to teach my grandkids Bible memory verses throughout the year. Usually we work on their Awana verses or their Upward sports verses each week. In the summer, though, they are on a break from both and that's when this Sandwich Generation granny nanny has learned to get a little more creative and find a Bible memory verses project to do together. It's great for their brain AND mine, it is a fun and educational summer project, and it's storing up important treasures in heaven that can never be destroyed or stolen. What a wonderful gift to give all the children we love!

Right now, I am working on teaching the Ten Commandments summer project for my own grand children at SandwichINK and having such a fun time gathering various resources to help us in this project. Each week, I use cute country clipart to create a fun picture with the Bible memory verses for the children on the clip art. It's a fun way for them to visualize the verse. I frequently have their verses hanging up in my bathroom or kitchen to catch their eyes and help them learn them.

I have discovered more than one 10 commandments song and book for the children, and they follow the same division I am using for the series, so that is quite helpful. And I'm always on the lookout for educational activities for grandparents and their grandchildren to help in this type of endeavor.

Some tips for successfully teaching Bible memory verses for children that I have learned over the years include:

  • Make it interesting - they'll want to do it and learn easier
  • Be creative - the more of their senses they use, the better and easier they'll learn
  • Use songs and other types of music - we remember easier and longer what we sing
  • Use cute pictures with the verses written on them 
  • Post the Bible memory verses for your children around the house - bathroom, bedroom, etc.
  • Practice the verses every day
  • Say the verses at least three times each time you practice.
  • When possible, have the child repeat them to you at least once - three times is better. If you have a child with special needs, such as autism, they may even be able to learn it without repeating it themselves, if you will consistently read it to them three times in a row at least once or twice a day.
  • Review it a few months later. Even though kids soak up verses quickly, they can also forget them. By reviewing them off and on through the years, you'll dig those verses deeper and deeper in their hearts - always a great thing!

The nice thing about all this is that while you are teaching the Ten Commandments for your children and grandchildren, you are also planting encouraging Bible verses in your own mind and heart. Now granted, as one who is "flirting" with senior citizen status, I take a lot longer to learn them than my grandkids did. But it's still good for me to learn them AND studies have shown it can also be a good mental activity for us that may help stave off Alzheimers Disease and its dementia symptoms. That's what I call a GREAT win-win-win for all of us, starting with our kids and grandkids!