Durable and Beautiful Teak Flooring

One of the most appealing types of flooring is the teak flooring, which utilizes a common tree known as teak, which is found in southeast region of Asia. Teak trees and woods have been in great demand over the years but this type of trees tend to grow in limited regions of the world and takes a bit of time to completely mature. This is why various teak growing plantations have been established to increase teak production and cater to the vast demand for teak woods.

Teak flooring is very elegant and stylish and despite the high cost and price, many people still prefer this type of flooring mainly because of the great benefits and advantages provided by teak hardwood flooring such as:

•    Color and Appearance - Teak flooring have amazing look and finish when properly installed. Various colors of teak woods are golden yellowish, reddish brown, and dark golden brown, which tends to be very elegant and eye catching especially when applied with good finishing touches.

•    Durability - Teak woods are very durable and have high score in terms of hardness from Janka scale making it ideal for flooring purposes. Aside from its hardness, this type of wood is also insect and fungi-resistant, and can withstand weather and temperature fluctuations.

•    Lifespan and Maintenance - Woods derived from teak trees are especially known for their longevity which can last for up to decades making it cost-efficient in the long run in terms of cleaning and maintenance, as well as in repair and replacements costs.

•    Value - Compared to other types of flooring, teak flooring can increase the value of the property and the house. Aside from the present value, properties such as houses and establishments with teak hardwood flooring can still be well priced when being resold.

It is understandable that many people still prefer this type of flooring despite the expensive price of the wood because of the benefits and advantages especially in cost-efficiency in the long run.  One of the most popular varieties of teak wood, which has also gained significant popularity in the market and in architecture, is the Brazilian teak flooring, which utilizes teak tree woods from Brazil known as the Cumaru. Just like the common teak woods from other countries, Brazilian teak flooring is also highly durable and can last a long time when properly maintained.

With the developments on flooring technologies, people who have tight budget can now avail the kind of services and benefits provided by teak woods but with more affordable prices through the teak laminate flooring. Laminate flooring are specifically designed to make teak laminate look like its composed of whole teak providing an appearance completely similar to real teak flooring. This type of flooring also provides the elegance and style just like the authentic teak hardwood flooring, and is strong and durable especially with proper installation and maintenance.

Flooring is an important part of houses and other buildings, when it comes to durability, longevity and appearance, teak flooring is one of the most popular and recommended. People who are willing to spend generous amount on good floorings can go for the authentic teak hardwood flooring but for those with relatively low budget and still want to have strong, durable and elegant floorings for their houses can opt for the teak laminate flooring.

installing teak flooring

installing teak flooring