Teak flooring is incredibly tough and has been known to last for centuries in certain applications. It is a kind of hardwood that is known for its durability, weather resistant qualities and the fact that it cannot be easily invaded by insects and parasites that would normally destroy other woods. It is among those that are chosen to be the best wooden material for building just about anything. Teak wood is a species that grows in the rain forests of South and Southeast Asia. Although it's renowned for its durability, that doesn't mean that it's totally indestructible, though some may claim otherwise. Like any other hardwoods it requires periodic maintenance for it to last long. A little care and attention for your flooring will extend its usability for a lifetime. Do not allow liquid spills to stay on the floor uncleaned long because it might create a stain on the flooring. Oiling is not necessary with teak, as it has its own natural oils but frequent sweeping and mopping are the very basic steps needed to keep the floor in good condition.

However, this kind of flooring is a little bit costly. Genuine teak flooring starts at approximately $5 per square foot while authentic teak hardwood flooring starts at $70 per square foot which is indeed very expensive. If you think both options are too much for your budget, you might want to consider teak laminate flooring which is way cheaper than the other two. Teak laminate flooring starts at $1 and can go up $6 per square foot depending on the quality and the plank size.

There are many other types of flooring that are available in the market, like the Brazilian teak flooring. This is also attractive, durable and weather resistant type of flooring. It is known as Cumaru in Brazil. Its brown color is deeper than normal teak; it can range from tan to reddish brown. Like any flooring, pricing varies from place to place depending on the quality and plank size again. Unfinished planks may range from $2 to $5 and pre-finished ranges from $4 to $7 per square foot. The installation, including factors like who does the installation and the size of the room where it will be installed, can also affect the price.

You can also find Burmese teak flooring which are commonly uniform in color which is golden brown and it doesn't have any markings or stains. This kind of wood can be found in Burma. It is fire and acid resistant, and often considered to be of higher quality than typical teak.

Another type is golden teak flooring. It not actually made of real teak wood but of Acacia wood that can be found in Australia and it is equally durable. It is usually stained to get the teak like look. This kind of wood also possesses many of the same qualities that a true teak would have.

You can also see flooring that consists of pieces of woods set in pattern; it is called parquet flooring. Parquet floorings can be applied to many hardwoods, like teak. Teak parquet flooring is one way of enhancing the beauty of teak wood flooring. It adds an artistic touch to the floor making it more attention grabbing because of its geometric designs. Whatever type you choose, it all gives a special beauty and quality to your home that will probably outlast just about anything else in your home. When you install teak flooring, you're installing floors for life.