Setting up your camping lot and turning it into a cozy getaway paradise can be an enjoyable work in progress. If you have utilized the camper to cottage idea, then adding Teak Interlocking Deck Tiles for walkways and patios is the next step in creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in a snap. Teak Interlocking Deck Tiles ideas are numerous for all kinds of interesting projects, and what I like about it is that no tools are needed to make beautiful additions to the lot.

I like this product because I like adding on to our lot as we can afford it. With the Teak Interlock Deck Tiles I can get a professional look without the commitment or cost of building a deck. Not only that, I can make the deck bigger as I can afford to, and I don’t need any permits to begin building my deck. Because the Teak Interlock Deck Tiles basically snap together, I can do this myself. It is beautiful, affordable, and easy to install, so what is not to like about it. Another big plus for using this Le click brand for me is that it is a green product that is produced from discarded furniture that would have ended up in our landfills.

When purchasing a product like this you will need to determine how many boxes that you will need Teak Interlocking Deck TilesCredit: Amazonto complete the area that you have in mind. You get 10 tiles per box and each are 12 x 1 inch tiles, so keep that in mind before heading to the store or purchasing online. Another thing to think about is that they work better on a hard surface, so if you are putting this on a new camping lot, you probably will not have concrete surface available. Place them on hard soil is fine, but if you do, you need to put down some weed fabric before you begin your project.

This teak hardwood flooring system is easy to install and can be placed indoors or out. You can easily cut the piece to fit around corners and pipes. They even make matching edging or end pieces to snap around the outer edges when you are finished for a professional look. These are sold separately. If you use these in a shower or areas where there might be a slippery surface like on a boat, then you need to mount the anti-slip rubber knobs on the underside of the tiles to keep them from moving. One place that you do not want to use these would be on a sandy surface because they will not stay level.

Now that you know how beautiful they are to look at and how easily they are installed, you just need to come up with a plan. I want to use mine for a walkway to an outdoor sitting area complete with these tiles. I plan on laying them down on some crushed gravel and hard soil. An area big enough for a nice outdoor table and chair will suite my needs, and I believe that I can create this project and do it myself. I know that it will cost me several hundred dollars by the time that I am done, but that price will be no where as expensive as having deck and walkway built professionally. I can’t wait to get started.

I did not know about this product until recently, and I thought I would share it with you. The Teak wood is oiled and will need to be oil once a year to maintain its beautiful deep honey luster. It is a beautiful product and I think it will be perfect for the ideas that I have in mind. If you have used this product leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it.

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