Teak wood is so fine that it has long been used to adorn the finest yachts. Although this is true, teak is also used to make some very fine outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor patio furniture is among the best outdoor furniture in the world.

There are many companies that make teak outdoor patio furniture. One of them is called Country Casuals. The Country Casuals Company from Gaithersburg, Maryland, offers its customers some top-of-the-line outdoor furniture that could be considered "luxury furniture."

Here is a brief description of some of the teak outdoor patio furniture that Country Casuals has available:

  • Breton Extension Table: This is Country Casuals largest teak dining table. When this table is fully extended, it is a full 10 feet long and capable of seating 12 people. This table is so big that it is even capable of accomodating an umbrella when it is not fully extended. the table measures 81-1/2" when not extended and 120 " when extended and of course, Country Casuals also makes some matching chairs to put around the table.
  • The Fiori Dining Collection: This is the largest of Country Casuals non-extending teak dining tables. Measuring in at an incredible 116", this table has room for 8-10 adults to sit around it comfortably. This table comes with two different kinds of chairs, the arm chair and the side chair. Each of these chairs are made of solid teak and has cushions that come in 30 different colors and patterns. For those of you who need even more room at your dining table, the Fiori collection also has a 43" square table that can be added to the 116" rectangular table. With this much room, you can invite the entire family over for a nice summer evening.

Of course, Country Casuals is not the only company who makes fine teak patio furniture. Outdoor Furniture Plus also makes some fine furniture.

They also have a very nice outdoor dining table. It is called the 75 - 99" Teak Avant Table. This extendable table comes with 6 avant chairs that can be stacked. What sweetens the deal even more about this table is that it comes with many options. Some of the options include:

  • Cushions for the chairs. These cushions come in 4 different colors.
  • Market Umbrella: Comes in 3 colors.
  • Tray Stand: This nice stand for trays is also made of teak wood.

They also have a smaller version of the Avant. It is called the 60-78" Teak Family Oval Expansion Table with 4 Admiral Folding Chairs: This really is a nice expandable table that has an option of cushions for the chairs that come in 4 different colors.

I would also like to say at this point that there are many other pieces of outdoor patio furniture that is available. There are also many other companies that make fine teak outdoor patio furniture. I just wanted to provide you with a couple of examples of what is available to you as an interested consumer.