An outdoor privacy screen can be a great way to separate part of your patio or deck off from the rest of the yard or from neighbours. 

If you have a larger patio or deck, or maybe you share a back deck or patio with the house next door, then using a teak privacy screen can create that instant divider or fence that you can situate anywhere you like. 

Teak is a great wood for outdoor patio furniture as it resists mould, mildew and bugs.  It can take most weather and dries quickly.  You see teak being used in outdoor chairs and tables and many are left natural and will last for years.


Create Your Very Own Oasis with an Outdoor Teak Screen

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It is used for indoors and outdoors, but with more and more people extending their living area to the outdoors with outdoor kitchens and pools and simply spending more time in their own backyard, teak furniture has become quite popular.

If you want to hide an area of your yard, such as the storage area, that ugly shed or garbage bins, or simply separate the eating area from the outdoor kitchen then using a privacy screen is like having an instant beautiful wall that you can move to where ever you need it to be. 

These standalone screens are created as hinged panels, and are sturdy.  You can fold them to work for your area, or you can also fold them and take them with you to the cottage, or even back in the house.

Privacy screens have become a popular way to separate areas off without the hassle of constructing a wall or erecting a permanent fence.  Many people will use these partition screens to wall off a home office or corner they wish to separate.  But they are being used more often outside as a moving wall.

If you like to sunbathe on your back deck or front porch and don’t want the neighbours to see you, then erecting a outdoor privacy screen or even outdoor curtains fo
r patio would work great.  It just gives you that feeling of a room.  If you want to relax after a long day, and don’t want to be talking to the neighbours or anyone, and don’t want to start construction on your deck or patio then consider using one of these. You can also consider outdoor patio blinds for a front porch.

If you have a fenced in yard, you could also consider using chain link slats that will fit in your chain link fence and make your entire yard a haven of privacy.

We all need our own space, and if you are living in close quarters, such as with townhouses, apartments or small yards, then creating your own haven doesn’t have to take a lot of work. 

These teak outdoor privacy screens are instant, look nice, and can withstand the weather.  If you are renting your property, then you don’t want to be making permanent changes to the yard or patio so you need to use portable ideas, and this is one great idea that works well.

You can get these at fine outdoor furniture stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  Check online for pricing and the sizes you would like.  It all depends on where you want to erect this screen, but you will enjoy the instant privacy.