Teak Shower Seats are a simple but elegant luxury that are a nice attribute to any shower. Being naturally water resistant, teak is a beautiful wood that provides a soft comfortable feel and looks great in the shower. Teak is by far the best choice for a shower seat and there are many different styles and functions. Each of the different styles of teak seats serve a particular function and their costs will vary accordingly.

Standard Teak Shower Seat – This is the original shower seat. Hammacher Schlemmer is a company that started making teak seats a long time ago and they offer a couple of well designed and elegant models. The original model is a simple wooden shower stool that has a nice basket under the stool to store soaps and shampoos. This model is ideal for people who want to have the option to sit down, have the room for a nice size shower stool and would like to get a little more storage space in their shower. Hammacher Sclemmer offers another model that comes with a small foot stool attached which is great for sitting down and shaving your legs.

Folding Teak Shower Seat – This shower seat is a great idea for smaller showers that don't have the space for a permanent seat. These types of teak seats will fold down to provide the necessary space for the usual shower activity, but when needed will set up in a few seconds to provide a solid shower seat. These models don't take up a whole lot of space when folded or if you want can store the seat outside the shower and just grab it when you need it.

Teak Corner Shower Seat – This style of teak shower chair is very similar to the standard shower seat but has a triangular shape so that if fits easily into the corner of the shower. This is my personal favorite because it fits nicely into an out of the way space in the shower that doesn't get used very much. These will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of space and usage.

Teak Shower Bench – This is a style that is similar to the standard shower seat except longer and more bench-like. These types of shower seats are more appropriate for larger showers as they take up a lot more space. I've seen these used at spas and some of the nicer health clubs. They provide a place to sit and stretch out a little and enjoy the heat of a warm shower.

There are many places you can look to find a cheap teak shower seat. At first, you could only find them in fancy upscale stores like pottery barn, but as they become more and more popular there are a ton of places that you can find them on the web. The best place to look would be on Amazon as they have a large inventory and deal in volume so you'll get a great price. However, you should also check some of the advertised offers from online retailers as you never know, you may just find an incredible deal on teak shower seats.