Top 15 Team Building Skills For Success

Here is my top 15 team building skills for success list. Enjoy!

1. Create a clear vision for your business:

You all probably know by now how important it is for your own personal life to have a vision for the way you want your life to be in all areas. The reality is that the same can be said about having a vision for your business. It's crucial to your business' success to have a very clear vision of what the end goal you are going after for your business looks like.

2. Make a plan to reach the clear vision for your business found in tip number 1:

As with any other big goal, it's crucial to have a real tangible plan of smaller steps and actions to take in order to make that vision a reality. After all, what is a vision really worth without a plan detailing exactly how this will be executed and made a reality.

3. Be fair and consistent in the way you handle issues that come up:

In any and all businesses, problems will arise... It's inevitable. The way you handle these problems however determines whether your business succeeds or fails. You need to be fair in the way you deal with the individuals involved in the current problems of the business. Always be fair. Your team will be grateful. Fairness leads to trust and respect. It's crucial to additionally always be consistent in the way you handle the problems that arise in your business. You can't be fair one day and strict the next day. You can't be fair with one employee and stricter with another. You need to be 100% consistent in the way you treat others whether they are your employees, employers, business partners, etc...

4. Delegate effectively:

The art of delegation is one of the most important team building skills at your disposal. This can make or break you. Important things you need to remember that may seem obvious but that are often overlooked are: only delegate a task to someone who is competent enough to complete that task, train your team to be able to accept and complete delegated tasks, and more. The end goal here is to have a team that is so very competent that you can delegate 90% of the work to them.

5. Give generously all the resources your team needs to your team:

Don't be scarce when it comes to the resources you provide your team. The more generous you are when it comes to the resources you have to offer them, the more successful your team will become. Examples of resources that need to be given freely include proper training, proper support, even providing a mentor to the members of the team can be very very helpful. Mentorship has always been a great way to build stronger team members and consequently, stronger teams.

6. Feedback is about give AND take:

It's important to create an open and honest culture within a team. Team members should feel comfortable enough to be able to share feedback to any other team member regardless of position or status. Give feedback to team members freely and go out of your way to tell them that any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged in your team.

7. Keep the blame game out of the building:

Blaming within a team never helps. Whether the issue is big or small, it's crucial for every team member to always remember that they are all in this together. They are a team. If one person makes a mistake, the team made the mistake and not the other way around. The team needs to take responsibility for how successful they become and the blame game has no room whatsoever within a successful team. You have to make this idea clear to all team members and if anyone falls into the trap of the blame game and forgot about this rule, kindly remind them that there is zero tolerance for blaming in this team.

8. Show appreciation:

Genuine appreciation is the most underrated team building skill for success out there... It's immensely powerful when used right. Only show appreciation to fellow team members when you really believe it is appropriate for the situation. Also, realize that even the little things deserve appreciation. Appreciation encourages team members to continue to do good things for the team and it helps build stronger relationships among the team members.

9. Celebrate your team's successes - big and small:

When you win as a team, it's important to celebrate as a team as well. The occassional real party as a team to celebrate a big victory is crucial to continue this pattern of success within the team. Also, like I said in tip number 8, you need to pay attention to the little things too. The little successes are also worth celebrating. They should not be ignored. I remember someone once saying "baby steps count too" and this applies in team building as well. That quote is from the man featured in "The Pursuit of Happyness".

10. Motivation:

I saved the best one for last and that is motivation. A team's level of success entirely depends on its level of motivation. One bad apple can ruin the bunch. If one team member is lacking motivation, it can drain the energy of the whole team. That's why it's important to make sure each one of the team members stays 100% motivated every single day. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this skill. You must do whatever it takes to keep all members of the team motivated at all times. Whether this means hiring a motivational speaker every time motivation starts to wane or maybe it means giving little pep talks every morning before work... do whatever it takes because this is crucial to your success. Lead by example is a great principle to live by and it applies here too. In other words, how can you expect your fellow team members to stay motivated if you yourself are lacking motivation. You need to motivate yourself every single day and bring that motivation in with you every morning. Again, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. I'll share some powerful examples of things you could do to keep yourself motivated and consequently help keep your team motivated. This includes reading motivational books, watching motivational movies, watching motivational videos on youtube, listening to motivational tapes in your car on your way to work, reading motivational quotes, attending motivational seminars and courses, etc....

Thanks for reading!