Teardrop breast implants, sometimes referred to as anatomical breast implants, were originally developed for use in reconstructive breast surgery. However, they have become incredibly popular for use in cosmetic breast augmentation surgery thanks to the more natural look they give. This is due to their teardrop shape, which is a bottom heavy design that gives more volume to the lower part of the breast, as with natural breasts.

Depending on the type of look you wish to achieve through your breast enlargement surgery, and the size and shape of your own breasts, your breast enlargement surgeon will be able to advise you on the shape of implant that will best suit your needs. Traditional round implants can give a slightly fake look if the breast implant sizes are big to give a dramatic size increase, or if there is little breast tissue to start with. Teardrop breast implants are slightly more complex to insert than round breast implants, and must be placed precisely in the breast to ensure they sit correctly and give the right shape. A slightly misplaced teardrop breast implant will be a lot more noticeable than a slightly misplaced round breast implant due to their shape.

Teardrop implants will always come with a textured surface, unlike round implants which can have either a smooth or textured surface. This is to minimise the risk of the implant moving or turning once it is in place, as a textured surface encourages your body to create a scar tissue capsule around the implant, which will adhere to the textured surface, keeping it securely in place. This isn't so essential with round breast implants as any movement will not be noticeable as they have no specific direction that they should sit in. You may find that breast enlargement prices for surgery using teardrop breast implants will be higher than those for surgery with round breast implants, due to the cost of the implants and the slightly more complex technique used to insert them.

If you are unsure as to which shape of implant you should have for your breast enlargement, then speak to your surgeon and ask to see some examples of before and after pictures for both teardrop breast implants and round breast implants. You can also have a look online and find many celebrities that have had breast augmentation, and generally you will be able to find out what type of implant they have had (although this may just be media speculation so treat this type of information with caution). If you have friends who have had breast augmentation surgery, speak to them and find out what shape of implants they had, and whether they are happy with the resulting shape. Your surgeon will be best placed to recommend the breast implant shape that will give you the results you wish to achieve, but doing your own research and getting an idea of the types of breast shapes that can be achieved with teardrop breast implants is always a good idea.