These tech toys will keep you entertained

Every once in awhile you'll come across something on the web that really sticks out to you as hilarious, novel, and most important of all... Something you can buy! Here are some awesome tech toys that are fun for adults and children, that will keep you entertained for months on end. 

The First Gadget

This dangerous looking ball is actually, well, dangerous... Known as a Shock Ball, it's a hot potato imitator that, if held too long, will shock whoever's holding it! A great toy to bust out at a party, or even better, a valuable tool in getting that hot guy away from your crush. Be sure to take care however, as this toy may interfere with pacemakers! Wow!

The Second Gadget

That's right! Probably the coolest gadget in the Portal universe has been recreated and mass-produced for your wormhole needs. This gun originates from a game called Portal, in case you haven't heard, and is capable of creating a wormhole connecting two locations. Unfortunately, the toy doesn't retain 100% functionality, but it definitely lights up and is similar in weight to the real thing! Don't let your kids play with this one as they might accidentally unravel the fabric of space-time creating a black hole that will consume us all.

The Third Gadget

Not so much a toy as an awesome tool for destroying your enemies. This inflatable counterpart of the Sock'em Bop'ems, these tentacles are incredibly helpful in a host of things,  including, but not limited to:

  • Holding multiple children in your arms at a time.
  • Holding multiple friends in your arms at a time.
  • Fitting in with your octopus and squid friends
  • Scaring away species with inferior limbs
  • Showing your boss how you really with a nice slimy grip of love.

However, these great powers come with great possibilities. Take care to never squeeze your friends too hard...

The Fourth Gadget

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon! This wacky toy will imitate the color of whatever it's placed on! Who can handle the stress of buying the food and licenses to own a real chameleon? Just buy Huey from your local online retailer and enjoy years of fun with your electronic pet. Great for adults and children and works wonderfully as a nightlight. Huey will always be there to support you!

Now's the time!

There's no better time to buy yourself some awesome tech toys that are fun for adults then, well, right now. These toys will last you forever and will always be awesome conversation pieces and might even  entertain you when you're feeling the need to be entertained. Enjoy, and happy shopping!