Technical College Options
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Many governments, especially in the developed world, have many programs to enable unemployed people to enjoy life. One thing that is done is the creation of opportunities for any unemployed person to acquire the necessary skills needed for certain tasks. If you are unemployed and you are looking for a way to make yourself more marketable, there are many technical college options for the unemployed that will help you learn new skills. When you attend a technical college, you learn specialized skills that many employers are looking for today.

Preparation for High Tech Jobs

Many local communities have branches of national technical colleges. They prepare their students for the high tech jobs that many employers have difficulty filling. When you decide to enroll in a technical college, you are showing the world that you want to learn and you want to work.

Enrollment Incentives

Often the technical college options for the unemployed include incentives for enrolling. Many students are able to have their tuition paid for by the state or federal governments. The government would much rather help adults learn a new skill that will get them employed rather than pay unemployment. You should contact your local unemployment office to ask about the options for tuition payment or even tuition reimbursement if you decide to enroll in a technical college.

Work with High Tech Equipment

Technical schools can help you learn how to design, build, and even repair high tech equipment. You can also learn how to be a medical assistant at a technical college. You can also earn business degrees or other types of certifications when you enroll in a technical college. One of the best things about technical colleges is that they offer programs that are designed to be completed more quickly than programs at a university.

Certification and Licensing Programs

Technical colleges do not just offer degrees. They offer certification programs and licensing programs that many universities or community education programs do not offer. Many of these programs can help you find jobs in entry level positions at hospitals, clinics, engineering offices, and IT companies. The licensing and certification programs can often be completed in a year or less. So, you will not be out of the world of work for very long while you are busy learning your skill.

New Skills to Learn

You can learn many different skills at a technical college. You could learn how to weld, how to work with wind turbines, how to work with utility lines, how to work as a dental hygienist, or even how to work with green energy. You will be trained by experts in the field and when you graduate from the program that you choose, the technical college career experts will be able to help you find a career that has a realistic, living wage.

Partners with Community Colleges

Many technical colleges are sponsored by local school districts or are in a partnership with local community colleges. This means that as an enrolled student in the technical college, you can benefit from the same tools that community college students enjoy. You will be able to use the college library and computers, which can be very helpful when you need to create your new resume and look for a new job. You can often use their physical education center, which is also very nice considering that many community colleges have top notch health club equipment.

Grants and Stipends

Some of the technical college options for the unemployed include grants that will never need to be repaid. Depending on where you live, you might qualify for a technical school grant. Many technical schools will ask for certain information to see if you qualify. They might ask for your employment status and proof that you are unemployed and receiving benefits. They might ask for proof of residency to see if you live in an area that is known for being impoverish.

They may also ask for proof of your age, especially that you are over age 18. You might even be asked if you have children and the grant could include a child care stipend if you can prove that you need child care while you attend the technical college program. There are so many wonderful financial programs available for people who are unemployed and looking to learn new skills.

Many technical college options for the unemployed will require you to do an internship or an on-the-job training program. These are very important because you will learn what to do on the job and these can even be potential job interviews.

GI Bill

If you are former military; there are even more options available to you.  If you signed up for the GI Bill during service; then you can use this special incentive to pay for technical school training.  The added bonus for using this particular educational resource is if you take at least one class at the technical college of your choice and the other three online; you are paid a stipend based on the location of the school.  This can range anywhere from around $800 to well over $2000 per month.  This can help to supplement your unemployment check.  The best part is that while completing your degree these additional funds can help you to get and stay on your feet.


If you find yourself unemployed; there are many opportunities to improve your circumstances.  Technical college options are plentiful and can help you get well on your way to a new job and a new life.