Lots of writers nowadays are looking for ways to make money by publishing their work online. Amazon Kindle has been embraced as an option by many authors of fiction. People who write factual material have also been able to earn using this platform.

Earning using Kindle is not as simple as it looks. In theory, you should just be able to write the book you've always dreamed of writing, upload it using the approved method set out by Amazon, then collect money steadily as people who are interested in your work purchase it and benefit from the information that you provide. However, in reality, there are several things you need to do if you want to earn on Amazon by selling books that you have written yourself.

Alternatives to Writing a Book Yourself

As a matter of fact, several people have mastered the technique of selling so well that they find profitable topics and then ask writers to put the text together for them. They pay the writers upfront for their work and then set a mechanism in place that allows them to earn revenue off that investment for years to come. This is the model used by people who approach publishing on Kindle as a business.

Where to Find Ghostwriters for Your E-Book

Entrepreneurs who choose not to write the books that they sell themselves can find writers in several places. Odesk is a popular venue for locating freelance writers who are willing to work as ghostwriters. You can also find ghostwriters on sites such as Elance or Freelancer.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter to Help You Write a Book

How to Decide What to Write About

If you are planning on earning money by selling books on Kindle, you have to choose your topic wisely. You cannot simply write about whatever you are passionate about. You have to find out whether lots of other people have written about the same thing. In other words, you have to determine how much competition you have.

You must also find out whether people are interested in the topic to the same level that you are. Make sure that there is a market for whatever you plan to offer. If you are interested in writing about how to make peach soda at home and no one is looking for that type of information, you will not sell a lot of books, no matter how well written the content might be.

Audience Demographics and Psychographics

Conduct Audience Demographic Analysis for Your E-Book

Find out more about your market by using Quantcast.net. You can learn about the people who are in the market. Quantcast will give you information on their age, gender, income and other important criteria. Audience analysis allows you to know more about the people who will read your book. By conducting this type of analysis, you can determine how to cater your book to their needs.

Understanding what is important to your audience makes it easier for you to establish credibility with them. You can build credibility with your readers by bringing something new to their lives, providing them with accurate information and providing facts which generate the kind of results you want from potential customers.

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Check for Competition Online on Sites Such as Amazon

So, make sure that you do not have a lot of competition in Amazon or anywhere else online for that topic. Also make sure that people really want the information you plan to provide. If they really want it, they will pay for it. You must test your ideas thoroughly. Use keyword tools such as SEMrush to find out how many competitors you have for a particular topic and how many people are searching for information related to that topic.


  1. Check your competition
  2. Check your search traffic
  3. Determine if the market pays for information
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You Know What You Want to Write About - What's Next?

Once you've decided on a topic that you have evaluated using keyword tools and it is shown to be one that will be profitable, you will have to put content together on the topic. You can either write the book yourself or hire someone to do it for you. How do you know which is best?

If you like writing and already write for a living and if your dream has always been to write an e-book and get published, writing the book yourself will probably be the better option for you. If you hire someone else to do it, you may never be satisfied with the work they produce because you may perhaps subconsciously, prefer to be the one who put all of it together.

If you are not too keen on writing but think you have a topic that is profitable, by all means, look for a freelancer to help you complete the project. It will save you time and you can concentrate on other ways of making money. You will have to pay them and that is one thing you would not have had to do if you invested your own time and energy into writing.

Consider Hiring an Editor to Check Your Manuscript

You should also find a good editor to check your work. Many people who are talented writers will make a few mistakes. Some of these errors can be caught before a book goes out to the public if you check your work yourself. However it is more likely that a professional editor will catch all errors that may be present. They may also offer another perspective and present suggestions that can help you to improve your work.