Many different types of clothing are extremely popular to trendy and fashionable individuals ranging from children to adults.  Hooded sweatshirts, more commonly referred to as hoodies, are a prime example of a fashion trend.  Originally these pieces of clothing were simply meant as practical fall pieces.  They're warmer than normal sweaters and fall jackets but not too heavy like winter coats.  Many parts of the country used them as fall and spring gear while some warmer states who didn't have to worry about below freezing temperatures even used these pieces of clothing as winter coats.

However in the late 1990s hoodies first became very popular as "gangster" or "gangsta" style become extremely popular with the rise of rap music and that fashion often included hoodies.  Many of these early ones were all about darker colors and the clothing itself was symbolic of being in the know.  However as time went on and styles continued to change, the hoodie wasn't cool just because of what it was, but then styles made a major difference.

Techno hoodies are an extremely new type of hooded sweatshirt which are rapidly growing in popularity.  These hoodies have a plug in for an ipod or mp3 player in the pocket, and earphones at the end of the hood's drawstrings.  These are still well made hoodies that offer the warmth and comfort expected, but now you can listen to your favorite music all the time you have them on.  Great for working out or just hanging out and doing chores or doing whatever but you get to listen to your music instead of just doing nothing.  The music quality is surprisingly good, and they can still be machine washed without issue.

Sleeveless hoodies are another type of hoodie that is considered very fashionable.  These are designed mostly for the guys with good arms who want to show them off.  This allows for some comfort in the evenings or spring and fall times while still showing off the muscle definition of good arms or even showing off any impressive tattoos that might be on the arms.

There are many other hoodie designs which are very popular including the mid riff cut hoodies for women who want to accessorize with a sort of "mini-hoodie" that works as just a part of a larger outfit without covering up everything else being worn.  These are often white or pink in color, while many of the men's designs go with gray and black in a more standard and solid color that is considered less feminine and more masculine.

Hoodies are extremely easy to customize as well, ranging from pins and glitter to dying colors or a variety of other additional extras.  Many kids going to college can find college hoodies from their lcoal college book store.  No matter where you look it seems like good hooded sweatshirts are in vogue.  There are many different types of hoodies out there, and the techno hoodies show that innovation continues with a clothing line that continues to improve and evolve.