Technologies That Changed Our Lives In 2012

The speed with at which new technologies are changing the way we do things is amazing. Today, we can hardly imagine our life without devices connected to the internet, permanent access to our social networks and gadgets increasingly lighter and more intelligent, be they phones, smartphones or cameras.

The technologies presented below were compiled taking into account both technological innovation and the impact these have had on the market. A common feature of most of the products that have entered this year in the top has been increased attention to portability and flexibility.

"Every day, technology becomes an increasingly important part of our life and what we want is to put in contact the consumers with the newest and most innovative technology," says David Cantu, Director of Marketing seminar. "In the last year, the most popular were the gadgets that put on the first place flexibility and the increasing need for mobility of people, wrapping the latest technology in portable lightweight designs."

Top Technologies of 2012:

1. The best smartphones in the world. Ultrathin design, larger screens, high-performance processors and intuitive and fast operating systems: in all these categories, the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S have been last year's main attractions and the most desired gadgets of the year.

2. Tablet or laptop? For consumers of technology, this was the question of the year 2012. Convertible laptops with Windows 8 was one of the answers to this dilemma by giving them consumers the opportunity to enjoy peak performance both in tablet mode and the incredible Ultrabook ™.

 3. iPad mini and more portability for the tablet that started it all. With a brilliant display of 7.9 inches, FaceTime camera iSight, chip, and A5, ultra-high-speed wireless connections and a battery life of up to 10 hours, iPad mini looks and behaves like an iPad generation, in a more compact package, for those who wish to keep their freedom of movement.

Samsung Galaxy S3(130350)

4. Interactive TV-Samsung. New technology introduced by Samsung allows you to control the Smart TV using simple movements and voice commands. In addition, enjoy fast moving images and a wonderful clarity due to the rate of 800 Hz Clear Motion, and the multitude of applications gives you a whole new world of entertainment.

5. Windows 8. Tactile tablets, ultraportable laptops, high speed desktops. It's becoming more difficult to choose one. Therefore, Windows 8 appeared to create a bridge between all of them, to help you to be logged in, to share and to inspire on any type of platform.

6.MacBook Retina15. MacBook Pro now comes with the amazing Retina display, the highest resolution in the world, but also with full flash architecture, the fastest mobile processors and an incredibly thin and lightweight design.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Draw, take notes, do your work easier than ever with the Galaxy Tablet Pen notes and you can do things that you thought impossible with a tablet.

8. Sony Cyber-Shot DCS-RX100. 12.6 MP CMOS sensor, Full HD, shooting bright lens and classic-retro look recommends Sony Cyber-Shot compact RX100 as a professional and ultra-efficient.

9. Ivy Bridge Intel processors are Intel's most advanced technology in history. The new Ivy Bridge has a processor chip the size of a pencil point and 1,600 times stronger than the processor being used to send the first man on the Moon

10. The new HP Envy x 2 gives you the power of two devices in one: a laptop with touch screen HD and a shiny tablet that may be detached immediately when you want flexibility and ultra-portability.

HP Envy X2

11. Top Speed and endurance. Did you know that an SSD is up to 10 times faster than a regular HDD and resists any sort of shocks? With an SSD, you bring all your PC's speed to a whole new level.

12. Nikon 18-300 mm VR lens. A multifunctional, DX format lens, with a range of extremely high zoom 16.7 x and a really focal length extended, 18-300 mm is perfect for travel or for times when you want to have with you a single goal.

13. Google Nexus 7 Tablet. With Google Nexus 7 Tablet you have cutting-edge technology in a compact design and the most pure Android experience.

14. Epson CISS printing range. Have you ever thought about how it would be to typing without having to pay for ink for a year? Printers with integrated ink, will drastically reduce your costs for ink and they have an excellent quality/price ratio and require much more rare and facile recharges.

15. The Galaxy Camera. Perfect for those who want to always be connected to social networks and to share quick and impressive quality images and movies, Galaxy Room is equipped with a CMOS sensor, 21 x optical zoom, 4.1 and Android touch screen.

16. The induction hobs. Cooking on induction hob is easier, faster and more controlled. Electric current creates an electromagnetic field that generates heat only upon contact with special vessels. Thus, the heat is evenly distributed.

17. The Mirrorless Technology. With mirrorless cameras you have DSLR quality in a compact shape that fits in any pocket. In addition, just like DSLR cameras, you can attach a set of objectives, for perfect photos in any conditions. Mirrorless cameras have an easy to use menu for both beginners and advanced.

Induction Hobs