The DRX9000 is a shining example of the cutting edge technology that is replacing invasive surgeries with state of the art spinal correction techniques.  The Axiom Worldwide machine is a sophisticated support table with adjustable settings that was designed to deliver spinal decompression without the use of surgery.  This state of the art computerized machine is the advanced version of both a chiropractor and spinal decompression surgery.

The original option of surgery on your spine was open spine surgery.  In the earlier days of medicine, surgical spinal decompression meant long recovery, large visible scars, and overnight stays in hospitals.  Over the years, technology has improved, adding options to the types of surgeries available.  While there have been many advances in technology, none have been so impressive as the DRX9000.

Patients and doctors were both elated when the minimally invasive technique of spinal decompression surgery began to replace open spine surgery.  For the first time patients could experience improvements to their spine without bearing a lifelong scar to tell the tale.  More conveniently, the down time caused by the need to recover was significantly less in spinal decompression surgery.

There still was an incision however; and no matter how invasive it may be, spinal decompression surgery is performed with potential risks for permanent damage.  The unbelievable ability to perform the same tasks as a surgical operation without the use of a scalpel is nothing short of amazing.  Doctors all over the world agree that this profound addition to the world of science will prove to be highly beneficial.

Patients who have experienced this technologically advanced machine have reported high levels of success.  The pain that had once dominated their lives had dissipated.  In most cases, symptoms associated with their conditions have not returned.  Doctors and patients alike who have witnessed the awesome power of technology at its finest were blown away by the machines ability to perform what once could only be achieved through surgery.

How does a machine accomplish the goal of surgery without making an incision?  There is a unique vacuum used with the machine.  The vacuum uses a process of negative intradiscal pressure to set off a chain reaction of transition through the pressure that is causing pain.  The end result is the freeing up of nerves that are becoming damaged by the causing condition.

The process of adjustment per patient is as individual as the patient who is receiving treatment.  The machine has a state of the art ability to measure the response of the vertebrae, and use the information of the reaction time and 'spasms' to intelligently realign the vertebrae that has been faltered.

More and more professionals in the medical field are endorsing this new technology.  Its use is becoming more popular among doctors, and the effective results are nothing short of astonishing.  Most patients and doctors agree that it is a highly beneficial alternative to harmful surgical procedures.  The DRX9000 is changing the way that bulging discs and other lower back complications will affect us in the future and offers a new solution for those in need of spinal decompression.