Technology & The Future

Minority ReportCredit: 20th century foxCredit: 20th century fox

Technological advancement in the 21st century has seen an explosion in growth unlike any other point in human history- all brought on by the use of tech that is constantly upgrading and that always leads the way for the next generation. We can expect that almost every 2 years, the rate at which our technologies advance nearly doubles in comparison to the previous 2 years! Something that many big names in the science world claim will not slow down, and will transform the way humans live sooner than you think.

Already, the world in which we live is ripe with all sorts of technological miracles that some could compare to magic- super computers in nearly all homes, the merging of advanced technology in commercial vehicles, and huge leaps in medical science are pushing us in the direction of what many would call a sci-fi reality.

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Pretty soon, if not already, most things in your life will have something to do with computers- your pet, your refrigerator, even your clothing and much much more. With technology on the way that is built into the fibers of your clothing, you will be able to monitor your health through your mobile devices. Your refrigerator will soon recognize your inventory, automatically create lists of things you may need soon, and even order groceries without you even having to lift a finger. Televisions will soon become hubs of communication and connectivity, feeding you information from your phones, emails, and social networks. All of these things will also connect to one another wirelessly and create a local network controllable by almost any device in your home.

Cars are becoming intelligent computers as they are embraced by the age of information. The day is near when our vehicles will begin to drive themselves while constantly speaking to other cars on the road, effectively reducing traffic, accidents, and commute time. If you have ever dreamed of being driven from home to work and back every day, your wish may be coming true very soon. Even your eye glasses will soon be computerized- giving you access to information such as location, alerts, and directions. With computers becoming a more and more human interface, we can expect to see their integration into almost all aspects of human life.

Artificial IntelligenceCredit: 20th century foxCredit: 20th century fox

It’s been long predicted that humanity will one day reach a point in which it will have the knowledge to create artificial intelligences- also known as AIs. These AIs will be used in many aspects of society. They will assist you in your daily errands, help you organize your life, even become your friends and companions. Some argue that one day the line between these AIs and humanity will all but blur, leaving one to speculate humans could potentially merge with the very technology it creates, pushing us into a new form of evolution.

AIs will not have the limit of human brains and will far surpass the intelligence of humanity. This is something that many believe could either be the fall of the human race or it’s ascension. These AIs will be able to solve almost every problem humanity faces, giving us the power to actualize things like more effective space travel, alternative energy solutions, and possibly even the nature of existence. The possibilites are endless in what these super intelligences could help humanity understand better, leading the way for a new age of super information.



The field of nanotechnology is starting to become one of the fastest growing in science. The implications of being able to control nano-sized computers will be far reaching, effecting life at its very core. Nanotechnology will be able to cure all diseases, reverse the aging process, and even change matter into almost anything imaginable.

Gone will be the days of cancer and other life threatening sicknesses that have plagued humanity for so long. This technology will be able to cure hunger, restore nature, and even implant information directly into your brain. Nano-sized transmitters will be able to read your thoughts and link them to others, or even upload them to your computer. One day you will even be able to use this technology to create paintings that will seem as 3 dimensional holographic images, creating new and exciting forms of art.

There are unlimited uses for this branch of technology and it's integration into human culture will forever change the way humans live.

The future & beyond

The Future & Beyond

Many argue that science fiction usually leads up to a day where it becomes science fact. It can appear that we as a society are becoming more aware of the potential these technologies have in terms of changing the way we live. It’s also important to be aware of the negative implications that could one day be the consequence of technology that begins to supersede the natural world and its influence on humanity. Becoming too dependent on any technology is dangerous and it can be all too easy to become detached a world of constant connectivity.

It may very well be that humans using technology will one day transcend their biology, inhabit other star systems, or even find the answers to the most unknown questions known to mankind. What the future holds for us is always uncertain, although, looking at our past we should always take with us the lessons brought on by our mistakes. We should proceed with caution as the technology of the future, in all its glittering beauty, will either make or break our brave new world.