One of the top reasons that people like to work from home is because they want to be able to pick their own hours. It is true that you will usually get to pick your own hours; there are many other times when you will be forced to work even when you do not want to.

One of the most important things about working from home is time management, but even with the best time management you will struggle at times. It seems like self-employment is feast or famine type environment. You are either struggling to get work or you have more work than you can handle.

One of the best ways to get help is by networking with other people. By networking with other people within your industry or related industries you will have a base of people that you can solicit for work and at the same time pass on work to them when you have an excess or an abundance of work.

Working from home can seem to be to many people that it is a single worker Endeavour. Many people who work from home start off as a single person but a growing business will often force you to ether hire an employee or hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines.

Working from home is very hard, especially when you have constant distractions from friends and family. As a person who works from home you should set off a separate office to use. Take on of the rooms in your house and convert it into an office and then teach your family not to bother you when you are inside of the room working unless it is an emergency.

There are many ways you can keep the office separate but generally when you are working keep the door shut and then when you are in the office and don’t mind if your wife or kids come in then leave the door open. People learn rapidly when they can and cannot bother you.

Just because you work from home does not mean that you should not run your business like any other business. You will definitely be wanting to get more formality to your home office if you will be hiring an employee that will also be working from your home with you.

One of the biggest struggles that affect small businesses is keeping up on new technology.

As people begin to grow up with Internet it can be hard to remember a time when we did not have the Internet. Today most people in developed countries have the Internet at home, or at least have access to it somewhere else such as at school.

Home Office(122049)Credit: you remember when there was no Internet? Do you remember when people used typewriters instead of computers? Do you remember when computers were super expensive and took up an entire room? We are definitely in the age of digital technology, but it is vital that you realize technology will keep advancing.

One day in the future we will say things that mock and ridicule the technology we use today because today’s technology will be so old fashioned. It will definitely happen; it is just a matter of when. Go ahead and laugh but do you remember when Blackberries were the coolest and most modern phone around? Yep, Blackberries have lost most of their market share to the Iphone and Android phones. Never count on technology for being around forever.

In the old days to get messages we used to send messages and get news spread around the Country by using telegraphs. Today that is considered extremely old-fashioned. Who uses Morse code and sends it over transmission lines to share news today or to pass on a message? Nobody does, but the question is will one day Email be as outdate as telegraph machine are? It is hard to imagine that it will be but the way history has gone it teaches us that yeah man, Email will one day be outdated and old fashioned.

One day we may look at our use of text messaging by our phones and consider that to be old fashioned. Although this may be considered old fashioned one day it is imperative for most small businesses to have cell phones.

For your home office you may want the best and newest technology; however you should ask yourself if it is worth it to build your business. Do you really need a 60” big screen television to use for presentations to clients who come to your office or can you get away just fine with using your older screen projector?

Do you need to invest in an expensive web camera or can you get by with the inexpensive webcam built-in to your laptop? Do you have to have a MAC or can you get away with using a cheaper Windows based computer?

If you waste all of your earnings on new technology then you may never be able to grow your business larger. Sometimes it is vital that you invest in a piece of technology to help get your work done more efficiently. Do you really need to buy a fax machine if you only have to send 1 fax a month? Probably not because you can go down to Kinko’s to fax your single sheet. Look at technology and then decide if you need it. If you do need it ask how imperative it is you own it immediately? Do you need it now or can you wait 6 months to buy this new piece of technology? If you can wait 6 months the new piece of technology will not be quite as new and will generally cost you less money.

It is important you have what you need in a home office but you also need to ensure that you are not wasting money buying new technology equipment that you do not really need, but you also want to be sure you are not still using a typewriter or your business will fail.