Using Technology To Express Views And Thoughts

Technology has evolved over the years and has given risen to many mediums that are useful in day to day life. The internet is the most powerful medium of all the other technological inventions. Every day, there is something new that a person can do on the internet. Shopping, trading, online education, social networking, news, sports, etc. are all available at the click of a button. However, most human beings have forgotten to express themselves and their feelings due to their busy lifestyle.

The internet has billions of people connected together at the same time. The internet can probably attract the largest audience for your views. Yes, there are social networking websites where everyone can interact can people and do the same thing. But, the biggest problem with social networking sites is that they attract only the people who are a part of your profile. If the content you have posted is public, then you can attract more people. It is very easy to understand that your audience is limited. A limited audience will bring a lot of limitations to your thoughts. The best way to express yourself is to have your own blog (it’s free). If not a blog, then make sure that you are writing your views about any particular subject to a larger audience. A broad minded audience will appreciate you, help you with a few suggestions as well as help you to grow at the same time.

If you wish to express yourself  on any subject by writing them, then these tips are for you.

1. Stay away from social media :- Facebook, twitter, etc. are very good social networking sites. I also use them. But, when you want to write down your thoughts and suddenly you see a notification, or some friend on chat then you can get distracted very easily.Whenever you are in the middle of something important that requires a bit of concentration then just stay away from those social media sites that you are using. They are the biggest distracters.

2. Do not talk and write simultaneously :- Before you begin to write a post, close any chat window that is open. Do not talk on cell phones either. If it is important to talk then you can do so. Make a small list of important words and phrases that can help you recollect your thoughts and save them. This helps to remember the content and makes it easier to recollect things.

3. Avoid long breaks :- If you are writing a really long post, then taking small breaks is a good idea to relax yourself. But, make sure that these small breaks don’t turn into long breaks. It helps when you take breaks in between to think on new ideas and to relax yourself.

4. Do not watch TV, movies, etc. :- You may begin to write your post and realize that there you have a good movie in your computer that you have not seen yet or your favorite TV program is on air. Just remember one thing, if you do not respect your own views and do not give them enough importance then do not expect others to appreciate them either. Do not watch any YouTube videos either.

5. Writing at the right time :- This is probably the best tip. I prefer to write during night after dinner. You can choose your own timings. Some people like to write when they are in mood, this gives a good rhythm and the flow of writing is faster than usual. Please understand that your body needs proper care and rest.

Whatever thoughts or views you have in your mind, stop keeping them with you. There will be people who will rubbish your thoughts, try to make a fool out of you and will do anything to degrade you confidence. Just ignore them... ;-)

Let the world know and acknowledge you for your ideas. You have the power to connect with the largest audience. Blog it,  and keep writing... :-)