Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Unconventional Marriage and Fatherhood

How did Ted Bundy manage to get married during a murder trial and father a daughter while on Death Row? All it took was a little known law, a bribed prison guard, and a master manipulator.

Ted Bundy: Serial Killer

From the years of 1974 to 1978, Ted Bundy has confessed to killing 30 or more young women. His murder spree encompassed six states: Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Florida.

The MarriageTed Bundy in CourtCredit: Florida State Archives

Ted Bundy was an attractive charmer to say the least. His long-time girlfriend remained in a relationship with him, even though she had contacted the police on several occasions to alert them to Ted as a suspect in the attacks and disappearances of local college girls. Once that relationship finally ended, Ted moved on to another woman, Carole Ann Boone.

Bundy and Boone had worked together when the first composite sketch of him was drawn and distributed to the media. Boone even teased him about his likeness to the image. Pairing that likeness with the fact that the suspect had given his name to the girls as 'Ted', should have been enough to make her really doubt his innocence. But doubts, if she had them, weren't enough to deter her from a relationship with Bundy.

When Bundy was captured and faced murder trial in Florida, Carole Ann Boone moved to Florida to help him through the ordeal. But Ted Bundy wasn't just an attractive charmer. He was a master manipulator too.

All throughout his earlier trials, even to the end, he chose to represent himself in court. Bundy didn't make this decision lightly. When a prisoner chooses to act as his own legal defense, he is given many privileges. One of these was access to the legal library and law books. Whether Bundy came across the reference in his preparations for trial, or had discovered the little known fact during his brief stint in law school, find it he did. What he found was that a public declaration of marriage, if properly phrased in an open court in the presence of a judge, constituted a legal marriage ceremony.

In the role of his own defense attorney, while Boone was on the stand, Bundy asked her if she would marry him. A giggling Boone said yes. Before the court could react, Bundy triumphantly declared, "Then I do hereby marry you." Carole Ann Boone became Carole Ann Bundy.

Even after his conviction and subsequent move to death row, Carole Ann stood by him. While conjugal visits were not allowed to death row inmates, guards could sometimes be bribed by the prisoners for alone time with their female visitors. On one such visit, Ted Bundy managed to get his new bride with child.

Ted Bundy's daughter was born in October 1982. For four years, Carole Ann continued to visit Bundy in prison, even bringing their baby along. But in 1986 she left the state, never to return to the prison. From there she changed her name, and her daughter's name, and disappeared from the limelight. It is not known what became of Ted Bundy's daughter, or who she is now.