Guilty Pleasures

What's your guilty pleasure? Is it a decadent dessert, a rich meal or a particular beverage? Or perhaps there is a book or movie that you enjoy and, for whatever reason, you prefer to keep it a secret. I have a guilty pleasure. But my indulgence is not in food, movies, or books. I take my guilty pleasure to the gym and listen to it on my iPod. What is it? A concert CD, but not just any concert, Teddy Pendergrass Live Coast to Coast is my secret pleasure . . . and I don't feel at all guilty about it.

Teddy Live Coast to Coast

Teddy Live Coast to Coast
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Teddy Live! Coast to Coast is a must for any Pendergrass fan.

Music's Lovable "Teddy Bear"

In the late 70s and early 80sTeddy Pendergrass' name was synonymous with sensual intimacy. The ladies loved their "Teddy Bear." So much so, that several of his concerts were advertised as being for women only. His music was provocative and his look seductive, he was a musical stud and women swooned over him at all of his performances. But the famous vocalist had more than sex appeal, he had talent. The Philadelphia native who began his career with a group known as Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes made it big in the music industry on his own.  He had a remarkable career and he earned five platinum albums.

When Somebody Loves You Back (1979)


Live Coast to Coast

The Live Coast to Coast CD is a collection of songs from two concerts, one in Philadelphia and the other in Los Angeles. In addition the CD includes two studio cuts and an interview with the soulful singer. The concert songs are my favorite because Pendergrass playfully interacts with the audience while giving an impassioned performance.

He performs his most famous and beloved songs with the aid of his skillful band "The Teddy Bear Orchestra" and his female backup singers "Teddy's Angels." The CD is made-up of two discs. The first is his concert in Philly where he performs several familiar tunes including a nostalgic medley of his hits with the group Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes. In addition, during the song; When Somebody Loves You Back, the singer interacts with his audience and encourages several fans to sing solos during the chorus. You’ve got to hear them sing, it is comical at times but some of the audience members can really sing.

Disc two includes the Los Angeles concert, two studio recordings and three separate interviews. During the L.A. show, Pendergrass belts out a soulful and heated medley of his most famous love songs. This set, dubbed as the "L.A. Rap," includes his slow and most famous hits; Come Go with Me, Close the Door, and Turn off the Lights. Pendergrass completes the sensuous mix with a rousing and fun rendition of his song "Do Me." The second disc ends with the live interviews and two new songs.

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Bittersweet Memories

The songs from the two concerts were recorded during the height of Pendergrass' popularity. He was in his element and he sang every song with a passion. His zeal for performing in front of a live audience can be heard in his voice, music, and the fun he has with his audience.

Although the CD is fabulous, it is also bittersweet for longtime Teddy Pendergrass fans. It can conjure up sad memories of the singer's 1982 automobile accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. His career was at an all-time high when tragedy struck, and although the singer recorded other songs after the accident, he was never the same and his career never fully recovered.

Teddy Pendergrass died on January 13, 2010, he was 59. For many of his fans he will forever be the sexy soul singer that they loved at the pinnacle of his career. During his heyday he was a musical force to be reckoned with. He always gave his fans exactly what they wanted, their guilty pleasure - their Teddy Bear.

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