I know its way past Valentine's Day and I'm sorry I'm a bit early for next year. However, last night, my little girl candidly asked me about how old will she be allowed going out on a date! At 11, Kyla received her first valentine chocolates. Who knows what she'll get next year? She growing up to be a fine young lady and of course mommy should be there when she gets stood up by her first date.

I've listed a few things for her to remember on a first date. Although, I haven't given this list to her, it might help if you share your thoughts on this.

1. Try to always look your best. No one would want to be seen with someone who is really sloppy and look like crap. Dress properly – not too revealing for your age.

2. Act and behave a year ahead of your age (example: if you're 15, act like you're 16), in other words, be more mature and responsible. You don't need to cry or laugh really loud in a public place.

3. BE on time. Punctuality counts for boys. Teenagers should know the value of time. Of course, since you are not yet on an real date, it is better to make use of the time wisely. Curfews should be strictly observed if you want to ask (and be able to go out) her out again. Give her parents your itinerary – movies, dinner, or even just a walk in the park. Parents value their angel and it would be a good impression if you tell them how you plan to spend the time with their daughter. Stick on the schedule/itinerary.

4. Never drink, smoke or watch porn on a date. Major NO-NO! If your daughter is dating someone who does, I suggest you tell you're her to stop dating the guy. Chances are, he's never gonna be a good influence to your daughter.

5. Be updated – whether it's with the latest fashion trend, or who wins gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics or the newest dance craze down to who broke up with whom in the showbiz, look for it. A good topic brings a good conversation. That's also one key point to know if you would still date each other the second time.

6. Share jokes and funny experiences once in a while. A good sense of humor is a plus in my book, unless times have changed. But do not make fun of your date.

7. Compliment your date – both of you exerted time and effort preparing for a nice dress or shirt. It would be nice to hear something like – "you look good". Unless of course if your date has a really bad taste in clothes! If that happens and you think you can't convince him/her to have a wardrobe makeover politely, cross him/her out of your list. It wouldn't be nice to go out with him/her again if you know that he/she will be the center of your next gossip session.

8. Leave your PSP at home. This is a date, remember? Unless your date brings her/his PSP – then you have something in common.

9. Do not play with fire – especially on the first date. Literally and figuratively. You know what I mean! In any case you can't avoid it, have a rubber handy!

10. Learn how to dance or carry a tune in case you find yourself in a disco or karaoke bar. (That isn't too old, right?)

I would have noted HAVE FUN for #11, but I guess I don't need to include that. Going out on your first teenage date is scary and nerve wrecking. This is always a make or break situation. It is important though not to be downhearted when you failed date #1. True, you should have good memories from it, but you have to accept some things don't usually end the way you want. Whether he asks you out again or not, there's always another chance. You're still young. Soon you'll be going on soirees and even speed dating NYC forgetting about that first date. It would be a funny story to tell to your grandchildren but right now, just enjoy being a teenage. You only have a few years being one.