I have watched several episodes of Teen Mom Season 2 and could not believe the immature children that are having babies. Having a baby is accepting the responsibility that you will be responsible for a human being and shaping their young minds to be responsible adults. It means that you are willing to put your needs as secondary unless they benefit your child first. It means that you will unselfishly vow to offer unconditional love and nurturing without expecting anything in return. It doesn’t mean that you will have an immature teen raise a child without a clue of how to do any of these things or that you will do it for them simply because “they don’t feel like it”, “this wasn’t what they thought it would be” or you wanted a grandchild when they didn’t want a child.

The idea of parenthood for these 16 and pregnant teens and the mothers of these teens amaze me. The thing that makes this show such a hit is the mothers are just as immature as the sons and daughters they have raised. I am frightened that these teenagers will soon have the right to vote and run their own lives. I really believe the children or teens with more mature parents would certainly make a show like this a flop.

The mothers and fathers don’t make their children accept responsibility for anything. This is why they are pregnant. The boys and girls can’t find the isle of every grocery and pharmacy store that provides birth control. Most of it can be had for less than $5. If you cannot afford that find a Planned Parenthood that will give it to you for free. Being 16 and pregnant is 100% preventable. This means there will be no television show 16 and Pregnant. However, there also won’t be small children being raised by two generations of idiots.

Teens are having sex. The parents that sit back and say there teenagers aren’t are really the ones that need to keep an eye out because these are the ones that are more sexually active than other parents that accept that teens have sex. Teens that are having unprotected sex will get pregnant. When they get pregnant the responsible decisions must be made.

This article does not say that a teen 16 and pregnant that are faced with the life changing decision of pregnancy will not turn their stuff around and make great parents. However, the chances are highly unlikely and this is the exception and not the rule. If these are teenagers not making good decisions for them, they will not make good decisions as parents. Engaging in activities such as unprotected sex can have pregnancy consequences as well as other life changing consequences such as contracting sexually transmitted diseases and other things. These are diseases where you wont  able to take an antibiotic and get rid of them. You can contract diseases that will affect your infertility or even the herpes virus which will need medication and medical management for the rest of your life along with influencing sex for the rest of your life. Teens that cannot be responsible having sex will more than likely not be responsible with parenting.

For the teen that make the decision to have a baby and give it up for adoption or decides not to continue the pregnancy because they feel they cannot mentally or physically care for a newborn, this is a mature decision that is generally not taken lightly. This is a decision after careful contemplation and thought. Teen boys and girls may marry and raise a family, but the reality is almost ten out of every ten will not. Chances are slim to none that they will marry or stay together to parent the baby together characteristically doesn’t matter.

Many of the parents of these teens that are 16 and pregnant that decide to keep the baby live in a dream world and let their children that soon will be parents live there also. As the pregnancy progresses they seem to do absolutely nothing to prepare the teenagers

Most of the 16 and pregnant teens act as if the baby is a doll they play with and not a human life they are responsible for. The 16 and pregnant parents support the teens and their grandchild financially and emotionally. The most spoiled 16 and pregnant teens show the least amount of growing up after the child is born. These are the teenagers that exploit their mothers and do not make their teens change their ways after the baby is born than before the baby is born.

These teens continue with their same lifestyle that put them in this situation from the beginning the teenage boys and girls hang out with their friends, they go to the club; they drink and carouse around with no responsibility as a parent. The worst thing about these particular teens is the chance pregnancy again is extremely high.

Chances that a teen 16 and pregnant are expecting another baby shortly after the first one are extremely high. The couples will more than likely have another baby shortly because they have had no changes to their life after the birth of the baby.

The teens are not even mature enough to understand how much it costs to have a baby. They aren’t paying for this. Most insurance companies will not cover the grandchild unless you have legal custody. You cannot have legal custody of the child until after it has been born and the coverage is not retroactive. Therefore, grandparents are covering the costs out of their pocket for the baby.

Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. Birth control has been around for generations and is absolutely, positively needed. Anyone, teens or otherwise that don’t want babies as a result of sex should use them.

The families on 16 and Pregnant are families with enough money and support to invest in their teens. Imagine the teens that don’t have the money and time to invest in their teens that are 16 and pregnant. The struggle they have is ten times greater. The reality for a lot of these teens is that they are not raising a child, the 16 and pregnant teen’s parents are raising their grandchild. These children haven’t learned anything about parenting and responsibility with each episode shown. The grandchildren have grown. However, the teens seem to be 2 year olds throughout the ordeal. The parents let them be 2 year olds instead of teen parents and wonder why things simply cannot work out.

This television program should be mandatory for every teen to watch. At least one episode watched can show teens how difficult being a parent really is. I would hope they would see how difficult being a teen parent is and not believe that it could never happen to them. This could be possibly the best form of birth control ever seen.