Teen student computer desks need to be compact to fit into limited space. They also need to look good and to fit in all the usual teen student activities, because there is only space for one computer and one desk in most bedrooms

Why Should You Consider A Separate Computer Desk For Your Teen?

Everyone needs his or her own space. Sharing a desk with a teenaged son or daughter is extremely stressful for all concerned. Sharing a computer rarely works out, but sharing a desk when one person leaves it covered with notes, make-up and pens is totally impossible.

Having his or her own desk will also encourage your student son or daughter to take responsibility for deadlines and work to be done.

Where Will You Put Your Teen Student's Computer Desk?

In the bedroom might be the obvious answer, and you know your student son or daughter well enough to know if that will work out. The ideal solution might be to put your student's workstation in a spare room where you can check surreptitiously on how much work is being done. Procrastination is more difficult in a shared room, especially if you take the door off.

What Does Your Student Computer Desk Need To Include?

If there is only space for one desk then the best computer desk will have room to accommodate a printer, keyboard, monitor, speakers, external hard drive and phone, as well as space to write comfortably.

All of this can only fit comfortably onto a large office desk. Student computer desks represent a compromise between available space and space needed. They often have a pull out shelf for the keyboard and mouse. Some will have shelves and storage for a printer and paper below the desk. Others will have high level storage and shelves for a monitor and printers.

The more storage OFF the desktop the better, because students still need to write on paper with a pen occasionally.

Low cost teen student computer desks are rarely deep enough to accommodate a keyboard and monitor comfortably and sometimes you will need to consider a cheap office desk instead. Ideally any desk you buy should be at least 30 inches deep. This will allow use of the keyboard while resting the forearms on the desk, which is the only healthy way to use a computer keyboard.

Consider installing a shelves or an office shelf unit above the desk. This will create space on the desktop itself. Buy a wireless printer and position it on the shelf. Consider a small raised shelf that sits on the student's desk to accommodate the monitor; the under-monitor storage is perfect for keyboard or paper.

It is a good idea to mount extra electrical sockets at desk height near the desk to make plugging in phone chargers and so on easier.

How Strong Does Your Teen Student's Computer Desk Need To Be?

While your son or daughter is probably past the stage of clambering over the furniture a strong, solid desk is still a good idea.

Desks with the minimum five eighths inch thick tops do exist, they appear cheap and have sharp edges. You want your teen to take pride in college work, so provide a computer desk that shows your pride in your son or daughter. The minimum desktop thickness you need is one inch or 25mm. This will usually have rounded edges that are much more comfortable on bare arms.