In this day and age, teenage pregnancy is one of the most common problems that families face. What people (especially parents) fail to realize is that all the blame cannot be placed upon the teens. Ultimately, sex is not the parent's choice. If a teenager (or anyone for that matter) wants to have sex, they will.

Instead of trying to prevent the inevitable, Why not try to prevent the worst possible consequence of the inevitable? In other words, instead of trying to force kids not to have sex, make sure they're safe. No matter how "good" a kid is, sex is a temptation and will therefore be an aspect in any teenagers life. Not all kids will have sex, but most will engage in some sort of sexual activity because of hormones. With this in mind, we can move on.

One might wonder what they can do to make sure their kid is safe. It's simple, really. Birth control. Don't assume kids are mature enough to know to use condoms or any form of birth control. Shit happens. Accidents happen. This can be prevented if parents are open-minded about sex. Even though it sounds crazy, the best option would be to give teens some form of birth control and actually allow them to have sex in their house.

Of course I wouldn't want my kids having sex. Most parents don't. I also wouldn't want a baby though. I am a teenager right now and know how I and my peers feel about sex. This is how I get my reasoning. If I know my kids are going to have sex, there's nothing I can do to stop them. All I can do is make sure they're safe. Most parents cannot accept this.

I've heard some parents say they want their kid to get pregnant so they can "learn from their mistakes." Well, that's crossing the line. That's not just a punishment. That's a life-ruiner. Not always, but a lot of the time. Don't let your clouded judgement ruin your kid's life. Just give them protection. Let them have sex in your house. It's that simple. Besides, I personally would rather my kids have sex in my house than at some party, wouldn't you?

Now, I'm not saying this will totally eliminate the problem of teen pregnancy, because there are still teens who will go to parties and whatnot and have sex. This is obvious. However, taking this small step will more than likely drastically decrease the number of pregnancies, and that's better than nothing.