What is the problem?

One suicide is one too many! Any suicide is tragic, but when a child takes their life, something went terribly wrong and it could have been prevented.

Everyone can remember being the age where they thought they "knew it all". The older we get, the more we realize the less we know. Children's brains are just not developed enough to truly understand long term consequences. Suicide is a long-term solution to a somewhat short-term problem. There is always a better day to come. There is always a tomorrow after misery. We need to be heavily involved with our children's emotional and psychological health. I cringe to think of how many parents don't know their child's best friend, likes and dislikes, fears and ambitions. We cannot simply dress and feed our children and assume that we are "doing what we need to".

We need to have a open door with our children, a WIDE open door. A teenager is more than likely not going to go out of their way to start a conversation with a grown up about awkward topics, in which they don't feel will be understood. So we must start those conversations. It is not meddling to ask your child how things are going. Sometimes we even need to get a little graphic with our children and discuss, depression and suicide. We need to give our point of view and hopefully influence them on our thoughts of suicide. Suicide ends any chance of better days ahead. Just because we are the adult, does not mean that we have to be perfect in the eyes of our children. In fact, imperfection is helpful and appreciated. Explain to your children the battles, loneliness, depressive thoughts, etc. that you had growing up. The problem with suicide is often that someone is feeling alone; no one knows how they feel. Show them that is not true. They assume that life could not get any worse than it is now. We have to be a salesman with compassion. We need to sell the dream that life will be better, the hard times make us stronger and give us a better appreciation for the good times. Get them dreaming. Dream of the future, the things they see, the things they want. I truly believe open doors are the key to suicide prevention. If you feel as though you are over your head then reach out to professional resources before it's too late! Save your child.

R.E.M. Everybody Hurts