Teenage dating is a tricky subject. Good advice is needed, to understand the good and bad that can come of out teenage dating. A lot of young teens get mixed up in dating at a young age, and it leads them into bad situations. Being young, you want to grow up and grow as a person. You're no longer a little kid, and you're beginning the process of becoming an adult and developing yourself in the real world. You are still evolving into the person you're going to be later in life as a teenager, so you're in a learning process. You can never stop learning, even when you get older.

However when you're a teenager, you're a beginner in a lot of life experiences, and it's important to understand that. Most teenagers don't want to, and they're all about trying to prove their worth to others. Proving your worth, is making responsible decisions and establishing the ability to learn from others, and learn from the mistakes you make in life. Because everyone makes mistakes, and those who refuse to learn from them get themselves into bad decisions.

The good things about teenage dating, it helps you learn more about what you want and need as a person. You learn to understand more about people, and you also go through the growing pains in life, which can be apart of dating and relationships. Relationships are difficult enough to deal with as a grownup, let alone when you're young.

When dating as a teenager, you should have fun when doing so. It shouldn't be about getting into serious relationships at this point in your life. You'll have plenty of time to do that later. The reason is that when you're young, like I've mention, you're still evolving as a person. You are still learning how to handle responsibilities for yourself. In a relationship, there are responsibilities involved for two people. You are responsible your boyfriend and girlfriend. It's better to learn to take responsibility for yourself first. A lot of people never learn how to do that in life. When you're young it's difficult learning how to deal with emotions in other people, when at that age it can be quite confusing dealing with emotions within yourself.

Dating is good for teens to experience, but the slow and easy course is the right way to go. In fact I think it's good for teens to date quite often, more than grown ups even. Because it takes going on numerous different dates to help a person get more of a feel to the opposite sex. You'll have to learn their needs, their wants, and how to treat them. It also helps a person understand more of what they need from another person. When you get older, you then eventually evolve into serious relationships with others and you're able to understand the process involved then. Serious relationships are a lot of work. They're complicated for everyone involved. That kind of commitment, you shouldn't have burden yourself with when you're young. Younger people are still learning about themselves, and what they're going to do with their life. It is complicated to know exactly who you should spend the rest of your life with, at such a young age.

The bad parts about teenage dating, is the heavy consequences from it. Teen sex and dating is the specific one. There is nothing wrong with sex, it's not something made just specifically for grownups. It's made for two people who are in a point of their lives where it can be used in a meaningful manner. Sex is meant for the right intentions to be involved when engaging in it, along with knowing and accepting the consequences that come from it. I think teens misunderstand the concept, and think if grownups do it, then they can do it also. They just want to be grownup, however, that is not correct. Teenage sex is not bad just because of age. There are plenty of grownups who shouldn't be involved in sex, if the situation isn't proper. I'm not to claim morals as being the reason, despite anyones beliefs. It is not about morals, it's about responsibility. If two people engage in sex, who don't love each other, or want a life together they can pay for it with the consequences. The girl can become pregnant, all of a sudden plans in your life can be changed because of one act. You might not have signed up for it, but there are consequences that come from these actions sometimes. There is now another life involved, just because of sex. Who is going to take care of the kid? Can the two people, or sometimes just person afford to take care of the kid? There are decisions that must be made, and problems that can come out of it. These are the kind of questions you have to all of a sudden answer, when you just engage in simple thing called sex.

Responsibility is required, at a young age, your responsibility should be school, part time jobs, developing yourself and the career you'll have first. Then you can worry about a family, having kids, things of that nature. Consequences come with a lot of things that those don't always think about first. Being a grownup is being able to have control, along with direction in your life. You can't grow up too fast, or too slow. You need to go at your set pace and enjoy each moment, along with learning as you continue to develop. Dating can be a good and bad thing as a teenager.