Have you often wondered why teenagers have all the access to technology these days?  Well,  for sure  they seem spoiled in this day and age.  I have two teenagers of my own, and all I ever see is them talking on their cell phones, listening to their Ipods, talking to their friends on facebook, and playing their games on their Sony Playstations or Wii.  Some stuff in life has just passed them by. Walking to the nearest store to find a payphone was a chore. Well the times have changed, that is for sure.  Teenagers have cell phones to text their friends.  It is so easy for them to keep in contact with important people in their life.  Ipods are so great for music.  Who ever thought such a tiny device could hold so much songs.  You just slide your finger on the middle button and Voila, the song is there.  So little time and stress involved when you can find a song just like that.  Today, kids spend way too much time playing their video games.  They need to be more active and play things like hide and go seek.  How about just going for a walk to get some fresh air!

A good idea for kids to get exercise and mental growth is to challenge them to exciting games outdoors, such as asking them to count how many ants are crawling, or what is their favorite flower at the next door neighbor.  Ask them if they would like to go for a walk to the nearest convenience store for a slurpee.  There are so many things our youths could do outside without costing any money.  A little time outside is good for the teens and for the parents.  It is quality time, even it is just for 5 or 10 minutes.  It is also a good time to converse with your teen about things that may be going on in their life.   The fresh air is more comfortable for them to talk.  Outdoors is a good place for relaxing.

Life changes along with the people who live it.  It is a shame technology has run part of our lives.  We have computers at work, cell phones, ipods, and many other things that are so simple to make our life easy.   Kids miss out on so much.  Technology has made their lives so simple.  The Youth should get more involved in activities outside of their technological world.  Young people gain more knowledge  from things outside in the natural world.  Nature has its own beauty and we learn from nature.  We learn from people face to face because of their own knowledge.  We watch their expressions.  We listen more attentively in person.  They are real.