electronics (29632)"Five more minutes, I'm almost done!" or "I have to save my game first!" Well, if you have teenager with electronics, chances are you hear this alot. I know I do and sometimes it drives me nuts. Sometimes I feel like just unplugging that Xbox from the wall and throwing it across the room. But, I don't, it's just a thought. You just need to be sure to set limits. Your child needs to know they have priorities and responsibilities.

These things can be costly, I know. When I think about it in the long run, it's worth it to me. I don't know about your child but, when it comes to computers, my child is pretty intelligent. He knows way more than I do and even has to teach me some of his skills sometimes. I remember in grade 8 after school one time he was showing a few teachers how to do some things on the computer. He's learned most of this on his own; a little he has from school also. But, if it wasn't for having a computer I doubt he'd know as much as he does today.

I know how annoying it does get sometimes when your child is on the computer constantly or playing the video game constantly but, stop and think. This can be alot worse than what it is. He/she can be out doing drugs, stealing, sex, who knows what they can be really doing? As long as you set reasonable limits for them; as long as they are doing fine with their school work or sports, what's the big deal. Of course, be sure they are still getting out of the house and enjoying life. You have to still get exercise and socialize. My son is still a pretty good kid regardless of playing that Xbox/PSP/computer/etc. He doesn't get into trouble like crazy. He doesn't run the streets and I'm proud to always know where he is. He isn't a lazy kid either. He's in a couple of different sports at school so, he is active. He has been looking for a job since he turned 14 years old (16 years old now) but, hasn't had any luck yet. It's hard where I live to find work; we have the highest unemployment rate in Canada right now.

"What's your point", your probably thinking. My point is basically that I'm happy and thankful that I and my husband were able to get these items for our family because I do know where and what my child is doing. If your teen asks for an electronic he/she doesn't yet have, just think about what I'm trying to say here. It's really not a bad thing for them to have, as long as you think they deserve it, of course. It will most likely be worth it for you in the long run. Never know they may be able to show you a bit of tricks also. Some may agree with this, some may not. Frankly, it doesn't matter to me; this is my reality. It works for my family.