Teenagers need money in todays world for a lot of things. They want to buy all the things their parents might not want to buy them such as iPods, iPads, video games, cell phones, and the list goes on and on. Lots of parents might be okay with these things as long as their teens figure out a way to pay for them themselves.

The economy has made money in families tight and this also has an effect on kid's desire to get a job. They might want to help out the family or they might want to get that job so they can pay for the things they want that their parents can't afford to buy them.

Age 16 is the time when most kids begin to get interested in maybe getting a job. They might be interested when they are 15 but it is harder then because most businesses won't hire anyone under 16. So, jobs for 16 year olds are what they are looking for the second they turn old enough to work in stores and restaurants.

Everybody is aware that the economy is in a slump right now and has been for several years. Unemployment has hovered around 10% which is a very historically high number. For younger workers and especially teens this number is MUCH higher and that bodes for some frustrated teen job hunters.

Teenagers looking for jobs have found that they are at the bottom of everyone's list when it comes to getting hired. This is for several reasons: a lack of experience and a more adults willing to take the jobs that usually go to teens.

With so many workers applying for any kind of job, employers have all sorts of qualified and unqualified applicants to look through. Teens will usually have very little or even no prior job experience so the managers that are hiring will most often pick workers that have had jobs before. This leaves teens out in the cold.

In years past, certain jobs were more likely to go to teens because they paid minimum wage and they required little experience. Teens were the ones that filled these jobs because more experienced workers wanted something better that paid more. That has all changed now as older workers with families are increasingly willing to take those jobs because any job is better than no job.

What can teenagers do in this job environment to increase their odds of getting hired? Act professional, dress well, ask well thought out questions, and arrive on time for all interviews. Have a resume ready to hand out if possible so you will be remembered. And most important of all is to not give up. Going in you know it will be hard to get a job but you can't quit when you get rejected. Just keep on applying and making contacts and eventually something will turn up!