White Teeth (26727)

Teeth whitening has become a big business. We all see many advertisements that promise whiter teeth in a very short time. A trip to the drug store will show us many products on the shelves that boast their teeth whitening abilities. However, is this procedure really safe? There are both advantages and disadvantages to using any teeth whitening product.

Teeth whitening is actually a bleaching process. It is used to eliminate stains that have built up over the years from smoking, coffee, tea and other types of foods and beverages. Stains can also appear on the teeth by certain antibiotics. Whitening can be done professionally in the dentist's office using laser teeth whitening, or can be done at home with many of the products that are sold at the store. There are teeth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, trays, gels, pens, chewing gums, and other methods. These products contain a bleach or a type of peroxide that will lighten the color of the teeth.

There are many advantages to using a whitening product and many people can benefit from its' use. The most common benefit of teeth whitening is appearance. People want to look younger and better and having whiter teeth will contribute to this goal. They will have more confidence, will smile a lot more, and maybe even feel better on a job interview. Any process that makes us look better will help us in many ways. Another advantage, is that there are so many choices on how to get the teeth to look whiter. The products at the drug store are affordable. Most of them are very easy to use. The easiest ways are the toothpaste and the mouth rinse. These promise results in just a few days. All of us need to brush our teeth and rinse our mouths anyway, so this process comes without any sacrifice in time or effort.

Having the whitening done in the dentist's office is another advantage. This will be done professionally without any worry of using too much bleach or peroxide. The gums will be protected. There are even laser procedures that can whiten the teeth.

Regardless of all of the benefits, there are still disadvantages to getting the teeth whitened. Chemical burns may occur if gel bleaching is done. Unprotected gum tissue will be affected. Teeth can become too white, which gives them an unnatural look. Side effects may occur which include sensitive teeth, damaged enamel, and problems with the gum tissue such as gingival irritation. If there is an allergic reaction to peroxide or bleach, there could be damage to both the teeth and the gums.

Before starting any whitening product at home, it is best to see the dentist first and ask him what the best method is for you.