Everyone gets conscious with discolored or yellowish teeth, not only because they are not good to look at but it can also affect a person's self esteem especially when talking to other people.

Because of the foods and beverages we intake, over time, our teeth become stained and starts to discolor. And most often it cannot be removed by merely brushing. Usually, you need to buy teeth whitening products or set an appointment with your dentist.

There are several teeth whitening methods that you can opt for. One way is by using those teeth whitening products available in the nearest stores. Examples of these are teeth whitening strips, gels or paste that you simply apply on your teeth for a specific period of time. You can also go for teeth whitening trays which are inserts that you only have to wear on your mouth maybe for a few hours or over night (depending on the kind that you use). Or you can buy medicated toothpastes that contain whitening ingredients like baking soda or mints which can whiten your teeth better than regular toothpastes.

However, if you want guaranteed results, a visit to your dentist will be a great idea. It can be quite expensive though but these professionals can offer you the best choices and deals of dental treatments. One method that dentists usually recommend is bleaching. This type of bleaching typically works over time and requires several sessions. So you need to visit your dentist once in a while to get best results. But if you've got a busy schedule and don't have the luxury of time for repeated appointments then you should inform your dentist because there are also available procedures that will only last around an hour or two. You only have to choose the best teeth whitening method that will fit your needs.

But if you can't afford these costly treatments you can try home remedies as an effective and cheap teeth whitening alternative! These all natural products can be easily bought everywhere or it can even be available at your very home. Some products include using teeth whitening trays. Baking soda, tea tree oils, herbs or peppermints are only some of the natural ingredients that contain teeth whitening agents. Baking soda (scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate) in particular, is very good at removing ugly stains on the surface of your teeth. It contains cleansing and deodorizing properties that is effective in whitening your teeth and leaves a fresh and good-smelling breath.

Whichever teeth whitening method you prefer, it is always important to choose those that are safe and dependable. Consumers should never risk saving money over their wellbeing. Make sure that you pick the methods that are not only effective but are also proven to be safe.