If you are looking for ways to make your teeth whiter, then read on. You may be curious of the different teeth whitening prices as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures. This article will discuss the different options that you have as other alternatives and things you can do at home if you find out the cost is a bit too much for you. Having white teeth can really make your face look a lot brighter as well as more attractive. If getting rid of yellow teeth is something that is within your control, then it is something that you should do.

The first type of method is using teeth whitening trays. With this procedure, you will basically go see your dentist and they will mold a thin plastic tray that will basically fit the shape of your teeth. The trays normally take about a week or two to make once they get the molding of your teeth. After you go pick them up, you will be wearing these trays about 30 minutes to an hour per day. Depending on your situation, you may see results in as little as a couple of days but for the most part, you should expect to be wearing these trays for about 2 weeks. The cost of this type of procedure can vary depending on where you live and what doctor you go see. You should expect to spend about $200 or more. To get an exact pricing, you will have to set up a consultation with your dentist. The advantage of this method is that your teeth will become white gradually so that it's not as noticeable since it's not a sudden overnight change. The disadvantage is that you have to wear the trays which can be annoying.

In terms of teeth whitening prices, the second method is the most expensive. This is the laser teeth whitening procedure and can cost well over $500. In some cases, it can cost over $1,000. This is basically a bleaching procedure that uses lasers and whitening gel. The laser is used to penetrate the teeth and using the gel to make your teeth whiter. The greatest advantage of this type of procedure is that it only takes one visit most of the time. You can be in and out in about an hour or so. The results can be quite amazing.

The disadvantage of this is not only can this be quite expensive, the results happen right away so most likely, it will be noticed by your friends and family immediately. With the whitening tray, at least it's a more gradual whitening process. If you don't mind that fact that people will know you had laser whitening and you have the money for it, then this is the way to go. Just make sure you pick a reputable laser professional to do this for you.

If the prices for teeth whitening for these methods are a bit out of your price range, then you can also use one of the many cheaper types of teeth whitening products such as whitening strips. This can cost you about $50 for a box of strips where you will be applying to your teeth for about half an hour a day. After a couple of weeks of using this product, you should notice your teeth getting a lot whiter.

Which ever method of teeth whitening you choose, whether the teeth whitening prices above is something you can afford or not, it's important that after you have achieved the results that you want, you keep your teeth white by doing things like avoiding certain drinks that can cause your teeth to becoming yellow again. You can also spend more money later on to get it whitened again if doing things like drinking coffee or smoking is something that you can't give up.