Opalescence Teeth Whitening Cost and Availability

The cost of the product I tried, Opalescence Xtra Boost was about $350. This is actually a great price for a product with this quality. It works extremely well, and does not compromise your oral health in any way. When you are choosing a product to use for your oral health, quality of the product is very important. The Opalescence Xtra Boost system easily ranks as one of the top brands in this particular market. This product can also be found in drug stores around the country.


Opalescence Teeth Whitening Safety

This teeth whitening product was tested over and over again before it was put on the market to ensure the safety of the product. Through all the testing, no damage to the teeth, gums or the tissue surrounding them was present. Because of this, the results are posted as showing no known side effects. This means that anyone who is eligible for teeth bleaching is completely safe to use Opalescence Teeth Whitening. However the only negative aspect I could find about the product is children under 16, pregnant women or people who are currently suffering from dental problems should not use this teeth whitening product until their condition passes to avoid any damage to their teeth or gums. Pregnant women need to be especially wary of any teeth whitening products they use to avoid harm to the unborn baby.

Full Review

The Opalescence Teeth Whitening system is a fairly new product on the market but it is taking the teeth whitening market by storm. One of the specific products I tested for this teeth whitening review was the Opalescence Xtra Boost whitening system. The creators of the product, Ultradent Productions, has completely satisfied every customer to date. This product is very effective, well-designed and easy to use.

Details of the Opalescence Teeth Whitening

The Opalescence Xtra Boost system is a common gel delivery system where the gel is mixed and then applied to the teeth. It is made with 34% hydrogen peroxide which is used in the bleaching process. To use the product, you would simply mix the chemicals together in the included trays, which begins the activation, and then place the trays over your teeth. Because this system can do its job effectively in about an hour, no laser or light is needed which makes the whole process cheaper and easier. It is a safe process that has no side effects whatsoever.

In Closing

Final Thoughts of Teeth Whitening Review for Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Overall, I give this teeth whitening product a very high rating. The ease of use, the convenience of finding the product in the pharmacy/drug store, and the cost gave it a high rating to begin with, but the results that were achieved in such a short period of time put the rating to 5 out of 5 stars. This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to whiten their teeth.