Does your smile have you down? Are you embarrassed by the current color of your teeth? There are many teeth whitening solutions that you can start using today at home to make you feel more confident in your appearance. Try a few of the teeth whitening tips below, and you can soon be on your way to a smile that could make a star jealous.

For the quickest results, invest in teeth whitening strips

You don't need to go to your dentist to get a quality and quick whitening treatment. Many of the big dental brands like Crest and Rembrandt have teeth whitening strips and other teeth whitening products on the market that can give you the smile you've always dreamed of. The positive reviews on speak for themselves for many of these products. These strips often come as a kit with a whitening plan that spans twenty days to a month, which is much quicker than most other methods out there. As continued follow-up, you can also pick up touch-up whitening strips that are perfect to maintain your white smile for months to come.

Scrub your teeth with a mixture of salt and lemon juice

As teeth whitening solutions go, this one is not tasty at all, but this mix can do a number on stains that are on your teeth. The acidic lemon juice works at the stains, and the salt acts as an abrasive that scours the weakened stains from your teeth. Over time, you'll start to see some real improvements. You only need a half teaspoon of salt per full lemon, no need for more than that.

Get more apples and strawberries into your diet

Not only do these two fruits taste great, they have properties about them that act as natural teeth whiteners. When you eat an apple, it acts as an abrasive on your teeth, mildly scouring them with each bite. No, one apple won't make your smile ten times brighter, but every bit counts when it comes to teeth whitening. Strawberries, on the other hand, help teeth whitening with the malic acid they contain. This acid whitens teeth, giving you, again over time, a better smile.

Scrub your teeth mildly with baking soda and rinse with hydrogen peroxide

These are both well-known, albeit mild, teeth whitening products. The baking soda is another abrasive that can loosen up the stains, while the hydrogen peroxide attacks them. It may take some time to see results, but they are definitely among the cheapest teeth whitening solutions.

Switch out your regular toothpaste for a whitening toothpaste

There are many toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and other teeth whitening ingredients. While one brushing with these whitening toothpastes won't make a difference, the aggregate of two to three brushings daily over the course of a month can really have an effect. Since you are brushing anyway, why not take advantage of the time to whiten your teeth?

Starting with these teeth whitening solutions today can mean a bright smile for you for years to come. All of these ideas are quick to begin, and if you can build strong habits, you'll discover that you don't need a dentist to have your teeth looking their whitest.