Tips for a Good Telephone Interview

A busy job market and a large number of job seekers means that employers often turn to phone interviews to trim down their list of candidates. While the questions may very well be the same as a regular face to face interview there are a few specific differences which need to be considered.

Be On Time

In most cases the interviewer will call you but sometimes they will ask the interviewees to call them. Make sure you know which it is well in advance, if you get it wrong the interview could be over before it’s began. If they are calling you make sure you are ready in plenty of time but if you are to call them then don’t call early. Calling early could annoy the interviewer or you may not be able to contact them at all. This is not like a face to face interview were being early is a good thing. If you are to call the interviewers then call on time.

Interview Place – find a quiet location

telephone_interview_tipsThe choice of place for your phone interview is very important. Ideally you will use a quite room which no distractions and a table to sit at and make notes. Find your location in advance and check that it has a telephone or if you are using a mobile phone, make sure you have the required signal.

Use Your Notes

The most obvious difference between a face to face interview and a telephone interview is that the interviewer can’t see you. This can be used to your advantage by making condensed interview notes during your preparation and then spreading them out in front of you during the interview. This will help you remember company facts or you’re cv details and anything else of importance without having to pause to dig them out of your memory.

Speak Clearly and Carefully

Remember to speak clearly and carefully so you can get your answers across in a good way. When talking with a person face to face a great deal of what we communicate comes from our body language. Body language is obviously lost in a phone interview placing more emphasis on content of your answers so don’t be afraid to take your time answering and remember to have some questions to ask the interviewers.

Telephone interviews are suited to some people more than others. The ability to answer interview questions over the phone is becoming a required skill of current job seekers as hiring companies use telephone interviews as an efficient way to help find their next employee.

Good luck!