When you clean your house you will notice that two things happen. Your house begins to look nice and your family will be much healthier. Dust stores many different substances which can be dangerous such as germs, allergens and other particles that you definitely don't want to be breathing into your lungs. The best way to dust every part of your home is with a telescopic duster.

Dust can be spread throughout your home many different ways. Some of the big culprits are ceiling fans and ventilation systems, but regardless of if you have either of these dust will settle all over your home. There are many pars of your house that you will find it very hard to dust. The tops of high shelves and ceiling fan blades are great examples.

With a telescopic duster you will be able to dust things which are easy to reach such as low shelves, table tops, and your television screen as well as things like the ceiling fan blades and the tops of cupboards.

It is very important that you dust off your ceiling fan blades. Most people assume that if you leave your fan on dust cannot stick to them. However, even if a fan is on almost constantly you will notice that it still picks up some dust when you turn it off. Dust will be stuck to both the top and bottom of the blades. The top is very hard to clean without a stool and some patience. If you buy a ceiling fan duster, a less versatile variation of the telescopic duster this can be easy. These have a hooked blade on the end which is usually covered in some kind of electrostatic microfiber so dust sticks to it. The hooked blade allows you to easily wipe down the top of the blade as well as the bottom. I have even seen dusters which allow you to get both the top and bottom at the same time.

It is very important to get the ceiling fan clean because it spreads dust to all of the other high surfaces in your home which you will need a telescopic duster to clean. If you clean your ceiling fan only once a week you should be able to have more time between each time you need to do a thorough dusting of the entire house.

One of the main things you need to look for when buying a telescopic duster is that the handle is long enough so you can reach all of your surfaces but not too long. Handles which extend too long seem to break much easier than shorter handles and they can be a lot more unwieldy when set to their shortest length. Microfiber brushes are also a must. The days of feather dusters and other crude kinds of dusters if over. Today we have fibers which magnetically attract dust and hold it in until it has been washed. With many older forms of dusting all we were doing was kick it up back into the air or spreading it around.