Teleseminars today are Quickly growing in popularity; with the  convenience and the low-cost and ability to easily hold large scale events.  A teleseminar -also known as a webinar- Is a fantastic  way for you to promote your business.  Teleseminar systems nowadays offer you a better means of increasing your chances to find new customers, and connect with them give your company an optimum level of exposure.

Several systems give you step-by-step instructions on how to create your own teleseminar.  To be able to conduct one for your business, here are the three simple tools that you will need:

  • A hosting service for your conference calls – a lot of free services are being offered today, so you might want to take advantage of this opportunity.  Others might charge a modest fee to ensure that your connections are of highest quality.  One good example is Carefree Conference Calling, which would let you conduct hassle-free conferences, record your sessions, have a large-volume conference call, and allow customers to access your conference through a mobile phone, telephone, or any other VOIP easily.
  • An auto-responder for keeping in touch with your clients – this will serve as your main connection to everyone, giving you the freedom to find customers even without manually doing a customer search.  An example of this is MadMimi, a service provider that lets you organize email marketing into campaigns, as well as standardize your methods of reaching out to your customers regularly.  The advantages of using this provider are better organizational options for the emails you send by tracking them appropriately, efficient methods for managing and building your contact lists, and a convenient strategy to develop your own client-specific message for your business.  Aweber is another very popular system.
  • A good registration page – this can either be your actual business site with a page that is dedicated for the teleseminar that you are about to conduct.  The two auto responder companies above have a feature to create the list registration page.  This page can also serve as your Teleseminar registration page. Or you can easily create one for yourself by using just about any Web Host.  A  VPS hosting service enables you to conduct the conference calls at maximum security, and you can even earn from it by letting you host other sites as well. There are also all in one services like Instant teleseminars and Instant teleseminar fortunes.  The one you will see most often used is Goto Webinar which offers a simple system to reach up to a thousand attendees.

Before setting up your teleseminar, here are some few tips that you need to remember:

  • Your systems should be reliable all the time to avoid any mishaps during the actual conference.
  • A good sound quality would make your teleseminar more successful – make sure that you get your message across, which means that your customers should hear you clearly and without any interruptions.
  • Increasing the number of people participating in your teleseminar can be done by getting more people involved – so make sure to keep them updated all the time. Sending out reminders 5,3 and one day before is a great idea to keep your tele seminar on the top of all the attendees mind- and calendar!

Teleseminars are indeed the newest trend in promoting and improving your “visibility” to potential customers.  With the many opportunities provided by today’s technology, you can be assured that Teleseminars offer one of the most potent ways to begin relationships with new customers

As you can see the teleseminar offers a new twist to relationship building.  It makes it possible for you to easily offer valuable training and content directly to your potential customers in a way that is more personal than a video but still allows for you to do it in large scale.  The complete tele-seminar systems are the best place to start since spending more time on the content will be key when starting.  The value you can offer through teleseminars is hard to beat with any technology and most participants walk away with a stronger feeling of connection with the presenter which is a big step toward doing business together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use this type of tool to connect with your customers and move the relationship toward a sale.