Did you know that there are more high quality televisions under 100 dollars for sale than ever. With new and improved TV's hitting the marketplace each month, the prices on the older models are dramatically being reduced. If you are on the lookout for a TV for under $100, then the only limitation is going to be the size. You are going to be very lucky to pick up a plasma or LCD TV over 15 inches, the older bigger TV's are virtually being given away because they simply take up too much room in the home. You can buy lots of different models of handheld TV's for well under one hundred dollars. Let's take a quick look at just two models of televisions that you can buy for 100 dollars in the marketplace today.

The first cheap television that we are going to look at is the Haier HLT71 Handheld 7 Inch LCD TV. This handheld TV is going to only set you back $69 on amazon at the time of writing this article. It will give you the ability to watch all your favorite TV shows in any place that you choose. It has a 7 inch LCD display screen that can switch between a 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratio. Built into the TV is a ATSC/NTSC tuner with a removable antenna which enables you to quickly and easily tune in perfectly to all of your favorite channels.

This handheld TV also has a twin speaker system which is built into it, making it an ideal handheld TV to watch with others. Or if you and the people around you want a bit of peace and quiet plug in your headphones so no one is disturbed. It has a rechargeable Li-polymer battery which will give you 2.5 hours of TV watching between each charge. It comes complete with the AC power adapter, remote control and car adapter so that you can watch and charge when you are out on the road. Because this TV relies on a signal, some areas may receive weaker transmissions than other places. If you are getting a poor reception on the TV, trying moving to another room or location, or maybe connecting an indoor antenna to improve the reception.

The second cheap television that we are going to look at is the Axion AXN-8701 Handheld 7 Inch LCD TV. Again this is another handheld TV, if you are looking for bigger televisions under 100 dollars then you are going to struggle buying new. I suggest you check out eBay and buy one second hand. Let's quickly tell you a little but more about the Axion handheld TV. It has a built in tuner and antenna and comes with a 7 inch widescreen LCD display screen. It has a rechargeable battery that once fully charged will last 100 minutes, which is just enough time to watch most movies or TV series. It has a built in speaker and a remote control unit which is styled like a card. The dimensions of the TV are 7.3 inches wide by 5.8 inches diameter by 1.3 inches thick and it weighs 1.3 pounds.