An Adoption Book That Warms the Heart

It was a bright and sunny October day in 2002 when I received the phone call that would change my life. I was grocery shopping in the afternoon-something I had been doing since leaving my full time job four months earlier. My cell phone started to ring.

For many people, their phone going off does not cause a sense of panic, but for me it did. Back in those days, no one had my cell phone number except for my husband, my mother, my daughter's school, and my adoption agency. A phone call could only mean something bad has happened...or something very good.

Since my phone rarely rang, I could not find it in my bag to answer it. After several moments of trying to figure out who had called, I saw it was my husband. My heart pounded as I called him back, as he never called me from work and I never called him. He worked 60-70 hours a week, and there was no time for idle chit chat. A call from him meant serious business.

It was incredibly serious.

Our social worker had called to ask if we wanted to adopt a set of boy/girl twins who were born twelve weeks early and weighed only two pounds each. My heart raced as I told him that I would call her back when I arrived home.

After a long conversation with the social worker, my husband and I had one hour to decide if we were up for the challenge and the uncertainty of raising two children who could potentially have a myriad of health issues due to their premature birth.

We said yes!

In an instant, our family increased from three to five. Our daughter, who was 7.5 years old at the time, was so excited! She had been wanting a brother and a sister, and my husband and I repeatedly told her that she would get one or the other, but not both.

Our son and daughter were living breathing miracles in so many ways, and were released from the hospital five weeks earlier than scheduled. Taking them home was a dream come true for all of us. 

Why I Love This Book

In the past, adoption was oftentimes kept a secret from the child. Parents did not know how to handle discussing the topic and society had prejudices against children who were placed for adoption, as oftentimes these children were the offspring of single women (once upon a time this was a very bad thing to happen to a woman, not something that was celebrated on the cover of People Magazine). Unwed mothers were not celebrated generations ago-it was a shame unto the family for a daughter to become pregnant before marriage. Would the sins of the mother passed onto the child?

Adoption has become more mainstream and is no longer shrouded in secrecy, due in part to celebrities who grow their families via the adoption process. Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Sandra Bullock are some of today's most popular celebrities who have adopted children into their families.

Families talk about adoption and celebrate the arrival of their child. Just as the story of my older daughter's birth is a part of her life, so is the story of how my twins were adopted into our family. It is part of who they are and how we became a forever family.

Jamie Lee Curtis' second children's book tells the story of how she adopted her daughter, Annie. I received it as a gift from my friend who is also a mother via adoption. While the book is not the exact story of my children, it is an enjoyable tale that younger children who are adopted will understand. The feeling of love that Ms. Curtis has for her story permeates through every page.

The story opens with a phone call in the middle of the night...a baby girl has been born and is waiting for her new parents to come and get her! They try to call family to share the news, but they are all sound asleep. The husband and wife need to get on a plane to get their baby, and the excitement builds as you know what happens next.

They get to the hospital and lay their eyes on their daughter for the first time. This is where I have to stop, as my eyes well up with tears each and every time. Every adoptive parent has had this experience of meeting their child for the first time, the one they have waited so long for.

The author then shares what their first night together was like and the joy they experienced. The funny part of the book is that it is not the mother or father narrating the story, but the little girl. She loves to hear it and tell it, just as my own children do.

Overall, reviews about Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born are very positive. This is an adoption book for children, and does not go into detail about why the birthmother placed her daughter with another family or any potential feelings an adopted child might have later on in life. That is not the intention of this book-it is Jamie Lee Curits' personal story of her domestic adoption.

Included in the story is a wonderful family tree that shows the birthparents as well as the adoptive parents. We have used this as an example when my twins needed to make family trees for school projects.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born is a wonderful picture book that would make the perfect adoption gift. 

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Another Fantastic Book for Your Adoption Library

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale
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This book was one of my son's favorites as a young boy. It tells the story of an international adoption-how the author and her husband adopted their daughter.