Colognes can be some of the greatest scents in the world: rugged, earthly, masculine and sophisticated; catching just a hint of these wonderful fragrances can melt a girl's heart if they're composed of the right ingredients. Of course, in an almost inversely proportional ratio, too much cologne will make that special girl, or anyone else really, want to puke. Recent trends such as body sprays and the like have encouraged otherwise thoughtful men to douse themselves in a fragrance so that they can be followed everywhere by a hazy fog of repulsion.

If you're one of the unlucky souls who have to deal with a man who wears too much cologne-be him a relative, coworker, friend, boyfriend, or husband-then things can get pretty unpleasant pretty fast. If there's enough cologne, you might even start gagging from the smell. Research has shown that this is due to our brain recognizing certain unhealthy chemicals in the air, a direct result of modern cologne production. With this in mind, not only is too much cologne unpleasant, but also potentially dangerous.

To tell the man in question that he is overdoing it, one must be tactful so as not to make him permanently self-conscious. Approach him and say, matter of factly, "I think you wore too much cologne today." Don't beat around the bush: simply be honest. Ask him to try applying less tomorrow, and explain how much is too much. Talk to him with the same tone you might use to tell a friend they need a mind.

The worst thing that you can do, however, is say nothing at all. If you were wearing too much perfume or cologne, you would want to be told. It's better to experience a momentary awkward situation than live in a state of social ignorance, forever being ridiculed behind your back. Besides that, you're only making it harder on yourself, since you have to deal with the continual cloud of fragrant fog.

Keeping this information in mind, feel free to turn those over-consumers into pleasant smelling men. At the end of the day, everyone will be thankful for your speaking up. Should the person continue to struggle with finding the right balance, you should inform him on how to properly apply cologne. Some people were just never taught right from wrong and could use the additional help. By just taking five minutes of your time, you can help someone change their ways for the better.