Temple Run 2
Credit: macrumors.com


Temple run 2 has many new features and changes. In this review we'll be discussing the differences in the sequel as well as the pros and cons. Graphics, gameplay, and price are a few things we'll be highlighting in this review.

The Graphics

The graphics have improved a lot. Instead of having a swampy jungle area with the same landscape the whole time, you now have a whole new improved landscape. There are mountains, sunsets, a mining tunnel, waterfalls, streams, castles, etc. It no longer feels like the same dull background is repeating over and over. This is a huge pro to the sequel.


The gameplay is still very similar. You still have the same objective of trying to escape from being eaten while trying to collect the coins and surviving. The controls are the same, you need to swipe and move your device around to collect coins, etc.

The new difference to the gameplay is the amount of things you're able to interact with. Now you'll be able to interact with new items. You'll have to jump over waterfalls, slide down ropes, jump over a rotating wheel with spikes, and ride on a mining car. These new items make the game more fun. You're no longer just turning corners with the same background. You have new obstacles which is another advantage to the first Temple Run.

The best part of the gameplay in the sequel is that there is little to no learning curve.

The Price

The price is still free! But free usually means you have to pay for extras such as coins. In the first Temple Run you had to buy coins. Most users could get around this because coins were won fairly easily in the game. Buying coins was just a way of speeding up the game.

In the sequel, you have to buy coins and gems! Gems are harder to collect but you can get them in the game. Since they are harder to collect, some users will get frustrated because they can't advance quickly. Gems can be used for certain purchases as well as saving your character when they are about to die. This is an advantage for those who want to get a high score. However, this can become costly as with other "freemium" games.

In my opinion, you don't need coins and gems to do well in the game. Buying fake currency with real money is a waste because you never own the game and once the fake current cry is gone, you've wasted your money.

The Shop

The shop still offers the same upgrades such as coin magnets, coin value, head start, etc. with some new upgrades such as an upgrade that allows you to be saved. There are also power ups which require gems. There are four characters to choose from and a coin multiplier as before.

Pros vs. Cons

So let's recap everything that was mentioned in this review. Here are the overall pros and cons:


  • Better graphics
  • Changing background
  • More obstacles
  • More things to buy


  • Gems can be hard to come by
  • Two currencies in the game (coins & gems)
  • Can be harder to score high

Overall the pros outweigh the cons and the game is free. Temple run 2 is a huge improvement from the first one. Therefore, there is no reason to not try the Temple Run 2. You don't have to buy anything and you can delete the app if you don't like it.