Temple forms the vital  aspects of everyday life in the Hindu community-religious, cultural, educational and society. Temples are of different size and different shapes in India. I am here to discuss the close connection that a Hindu temples have to science . When you enter a temple you can find all principle of science put to work and sometimes makes me believe this is one of the way adopted to teach science to people during those days.

Some of the simple things which you might have observed in temple and have not given deep thought are  here. The temples usually have a water tank which is given many reasons such as purification from religious angle. The true  fact behind having a water tank in temple is to supply water to the people during famine and it also helps in raising the water table of the region.

Temple gopurams has kumbum . Kumbum is made up of copper . They are filled with variety of grains . It serves two purpose one is it act as a conductor and other is in times of flood or famine the grains help as a source to start farming again .

Temple is a place which has the maximum magnetic and electric fields. These magnetic energy observed by body on regularly visiting the temple and makes you active and feel positive. so the old people always stressed in making the younger generation to regularly visit the temple and is a custom that people should sit for few minutes other wise the visit are not fruitful.

India is a country with hot and humid climate. Every Hindu temple has the custom of distributing holy water (made up of water with tulasi) .This holy water help to keep up human body temperature as tulasi is an herbal plant that has capacity to cut the temperature of the body and a cure for common cold. Pooja 's in the temple uses flowers camphor and sandal as its main products .( products used may vary from temple to temple ) The reason for using these products are to create a nice aroma within the place which refreshes people's mind.

Temple is a holy place. so more importance is given to cleanliness as per the word 'cleanliness is next to godliness' . Foot wears are not allowed inside the temple . People visiting the temple will keep up silence this helps them to  bring peace in their minds. It is a way to practice meditation that is necessary for every human being for healthy body and soul. Many temple has a separate hall for meditation.

Thus it is clear that temple are not just a place for religion temples serves as a center for teaching science culture and social ethics which is necessary for every aspects of life. Hindu temples are great treasure of Indian society and culture which were are not realized by youngsters now a days. Every youngsters must realize that visiting temple is not just a religious practise and customs are not blindly created by our ancestors.There is a clear and definite scientific reason behind it. They are essential for a healthy and successful life .