Just moved into a brand new house? Usually, you will find that it doesn't come with any window blinds. This is where temporary blinds come in. They are low cost paper blinds that fix easily to your window frame to give you a set of temporary window blinds within minutes.

For most people, it can be a bit unsettling not to have any blinds. Firstly, it looks ugly. A bare window is one of the most depressing things you can imagine in a home. Secondly, it's not good for the environment, or for your heating bill. A house without window blinds loses heat at an amazing rate - it's a bit like not wearing a hat on a cold day. No matter how much you turn up the heating, it all whooshes off into the atmosphere. And then, of course, there is the issue of security. If you haven't got any window blinds, every passer by can see right into your house, see what you are doing, and those with less than honest minds can also see every valuable thing you own.

So it's a great idea to make sure that you have some blinds installed almost as soon as you move into your new house, whether you own it or rent it. Naturally, the easiest way is to buy regular blinds, but if you can't quite afford this big expense yet, or if you aren't quite sure about how you want to decorate your new home, temporary window blinds are an excellent, and low cost potential solution.

They are an amazing invention - simply made of pleated paper, the arrive in a box. To hang them, all you do is take them out of the box, cut them to the size of your window (they come in a few standard sizes which can be cut down), peel off the backing to the sticky tape, and fix them to the frame. They are easily opened and closed by folding them up and down to the desired height, and securing the blind using the supplied clip.

That's all there is to it. Seriously.

So how much does a set of temporary blinds cost? Well, in the UK, you should expect to pay about £40 or £50 for a box of six. In the US, they are slightly cheaper, probably about $50 to $60 for a box of six. You can buy them easily by mail order, over the internet (Blinds in a Box temporary blinds are popular in the UK), or in hardware stores like B&Q, who usually have the QuickFix temporary blinds in stock. In the States, Amazon usually have them in stock - do a quick search for temporary window shades, or Redi Shades, who are one of the bigger brands of temporary blinds in North America.

I definitely recommend temporary window blinds as an option worth considering. They are surprisingly practical, long lasting and cost effective way of decorating your home in the short term.