Every year everyone who owns a car has to renew their car insurance policy and for most of us this means a search on the Internet to see if we can find cover cheaper than is being offered by our current insurer. We buy our annual policy without giving much thought to the length of cover we are getting because a year seems like a reasonable enough amount of time to purchase.

But what would you do if you only wanted insurance cover for a car for a few days or weeks and can you think of an example of a time when you might use such a policy? Because many of us have never had need for such a product we might not even know that the possibility even exists. What if you didn't own a vehicle but wanted to take a friends car on a tour round the country for a couple of weeks, would you know where to look to solve your insurance problem.

The answer would be to get Temporary Car Insurance

To be honest short term car insurance was something that until recently I was totally unaware of myself but I had a problem that need solving and temporary car insurance was the solution I needed. I bought a car on Ebay form a seller who lived a few hours away from me and I wanted to go and pick the vehicle up but didn't want to buy annual cover because I wasn't going to sell my current car for a couple of months. I just needed insurance to drive the car back to my house and store it in my garage. Low cost one day car insurance was provided by an Internet company which did exactly the job I needed. I drove the car back safely form the vendor and got it safely locked up in my garage with total peace of mid and without breaking the law.

Those of us with fully comprehensive insurance on a current vehicle will probably know that you are covered by our existing policy to drive someone else's car as long as they consent and have their own insurance policy. But if a car you want to drive is not insured by another driver then you are going to have to organize your own cover even if you have fully comprehensive on your own car.

The temporary car insurance policies you find on the Internet with a quick search on Google will differ depending on the company you decide to use but some general principles seem to apply to most of them. Most will offer instant cover over the phone or Internet instant with credit card payment and you'll be able to get cover from 1 to 28 days. These policies will provide the same coverage you expect from your normal annual policy so will include legal liability cover, accident recovery, theft and fire cover.

Getting a quote is easy and will be simple for anyone who has purchased annual cover a couple of times and you will have no trouble finding a policy that suits your wallet.

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