Lost a filling or cap?

Have you ever lost a filling, crown or cap?  Of course it usually happens over the weekend when the dentist's office is closed or you are out camping, miles from medical care.  

I love camping, hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities. A survival or first-aid kit is something everyone should consider either making themselves or purchasing. Dental emergency care items are definitely worth including, because a bad toothache can totally ruin your day or weeks for that matter.  There are some really great temporary tooth filling materials available that will get you by until professional help is procured.  Temparin, Recapit and Dentemp are a few of the brands found on Amazon, in your local pharmacy or at Wal-Mart.  

Temparin is the one I chose, it has the same ingredients dentists use and usually provides instant pain relief.  Great for replacing a lost filling, cap or crown until you can get to a dental professional.

To replace a lost filling:  Wash the cavity area with warm water, making sure to remove all food debris. Take a small amount of filling material and roll it into a ball with your fingers.  Press the ball into the cavity and tamp down with a moistened cotton swab, removing any excess material.  Close your mouth and press your teeth together, grind them to flatten the filling material and create a comfortable bite. It's fast drying and sets in just a few minutes, but wait 2-3 hours before actually chewing on it. 

The same procedure may be used on caps and crowns.  Just pack the filling material in the clean, moistened cap or crown and bite down.  Clean the excess off with a tooth-brush, it's that easy!  

Whichever brand you choose, temporary filling material is a great addition to any first-aid or survival kit. My kit also includes Anbesol or Orajel as a topical pain-killer, Ibuprofen and Tylenol for swelling and general pain relief. One of those long metal dental picks is useful to remove debris.  A dental mirror as well as a small flashlight is also helpful.  You should always include tooth paste, tooth-brush, dental floss, mouth wash, cotton balls and tweezers in your dental kit.

Temporary fillings are just that, temporary and you should see a dentist as soon as possible for a more permanent repair.