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What is a Tempur pedic lumar support pillow?

Like most tempur pedic pillows, tempur-pedic lumber support pillows are a form of visco elastic memory foam pillows that were developed in the 1970s by NASA. Memory foam was originally designed to use in the chairs of space shuttles to help reduce the pressure points due the extreme G-forces and decrease the likely hood of injury in an accident. Even though it never made it into the shuttles, the visco elastic memory foam design has become one of the most popular sleeping products for consumers in the last 10 years. It is most commonly used to make mattresses and mattress toppers because it is such a valuable sleep aid.

How does visco elastic memory foam work?

Memory foam is made of an "open cell" structure that moulds to the shape of your body depending on which areas are producing the most pressure per inch. For example when lying on your side, the areas that normally create pressure points are your shoulders and hips. Visco elastic memory foam's open cell structure "gives" in those two areas while still remaining firm enough in every other area to support the weight of the rest of your body.

The importance of tempurpedic pillows lumbar support:

The shape of the human spine can be best described as looking like an "S." This shape is great for allowing us to bend and move freely. We can stand up straight, bend over and touch the ground, and sit comfortably for long periods of time. However issues arise when sitting for long periods of time without proper posture. The natural shape of our spine puts a lot of weight on just a few areas of the back which can lead to back pain and muscle tension.

Desk chair lumbar support:

Most people find that they develop back pain while sitting in desk chairs for 40+ hours per week. Although there are opportunities to get up and stretch, the shear number of working hours is bound to lead to pressure building in the lower spine and back. Tempur-pedic lumbar support pillows are the best way to solve that problem. By simply inserting the memory foam pillow behind the small of your back, you can immediately support the entire back with proper posture and take the pressure off of the lower back. They are designed to fit the shape of of your lumbar and include a machine washable cover.

Lumbar support car seat:

Another great way to use your Tempur pedic lumbar support pillow is in the car. Whether you just do a large amount of daily commuting, or if you are planning a long road trip adding a viscoelastic memory foam pillow can increase your comfort and patience on the road. The reason most people get back pain in the car or in an airplane is because of the length of being confined to one position. Unlike being in a desk chair, you don't have the opportunity to stretch regularly on long trips.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a memory foam pillow, make sure to purchase a Tempur pedic lumbar support pillow for their outstanding and continued commitment to quality. You will find that imitators don't compare.