Tempurpedic Pillows – Pillows for Back Pain

Tempurpedic pillows

If you suffer from chronic neck and back pain such as with pinched nerves, stiff neck or sore neck muscles one of the reasons could very well be the bed pillow that you are sleeping on. Thousands of people complain of neck and back pain and many resort to medications to relieve their discomfort when often times a simple change of the bed pillow may be all that is needed for a better night sleep without pain.


Many pillows are made from inferior materials that do not conform to your neck or back or maintain their shape and actually could be part of the problem as well as one cause of either neck or back pain. Read on if you've tried everything to get rid of your aches and pains, relief is on the way!

Tempurpedic pillows are made from the NASA created temperature sensitive material that was originally used by the astronauts during space travel to enhance their sleep and provide a better restful night of sleep without neck or back pain.

Tempurpedic pillows are one of the useful products made in America in Lexington Kentucky and are available for bed, lumbar cushions or traveling companions!


Back Pain Relief – Pillows for Back Pain

What makes the tempurpedic pillows helpful for neck and back pain?

Tempurpedic travel pillow

  • Tempurpedic uses an ergonomically correct shape that allows the body the proper alignment which is needed so that they body can completely relax and a more restful night of sleep is obtained without neck, joint or shoulder pain. It even helps with arthritis discomfort.
  • Because of the ergonomically correct shape, the shoulders and shoulder blades also rest into the correct body alignment and this offers the greatest support of the muscles and joints.
  • They maintain their shape unlike others that become flattened or too soft to ensure the body's proper alignment night after night.
  • They are available as contoured, travel or neck pillows to suit any need and relieve neck, joint, shoulder and back pain at home or on the go.
  • Each one can be ordered for your correct size and are based on your shoulder width, height and body weight making this a personalized size just for you. The options are available for anyone that is less than 5'3" up to over 6' tall with a small frame. Tempurpedic pillows are also ordered based on your sleeping preference such as sleeping on your back or side sleepers. * There is not an option available for anyone that prefers to sleep on their stomach.
  • All tempurpedic pillows are dust mite resistant and allergen resistant which helps those that suffer from any sensitivity to either of these to get the best night's sleep possible.
  • Frequent travelers such as business or salesmen and anyone that sits for extended periods of time either for their work or due to illness may appreciate the lumbar support that is useful to support the mid and lower back, shoulder and joint discomfort.
  • Travel pillows are a smaller version of the original tempur material in a standard shaped bed pillow that eliminates shoulder and joint pain while traveling on the road, in hotels and forget having to beat your pillow up at night to get it in the perfect position. They always allow support and proper alignment of the neck, back, shoulders and the body.
  • Pregnant women will love the popular body pillow that provides the added comfort and support needed to prevent lower back pain as well as eases sleep difficulties that many women suffer from during pregnancy. The body pillow is also great for a side sleeper or anyone with knee, ankle or foot pain.
Tempurpedic body pillow
  • No need to wash. Simply wash the removable case and roll the pillow to help the shape stay in the correct position and ensuring years of use.
  • Customers who have reviewed the tempurpedic pillows have given top ratings to this design based on comfort, sleep quality, value, meeting expectations as well as the overall rating.
  • Most customers that purchase tempurpedic agree that the price is well worth sleeping soundly without discomfort, these will last for years. My husband and I love ours and have rested so much better over the years without discomfort simply by sleeping.
  • See the latest design with the Symphony Pillow if you prefer the standard look but want more relief.


Tempurpedic Pillows are warranted for three years against any manufacturing defects as well as splitting or coming apart with normal usage. Always save your purchasing receipt just in case you may need to return them.

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Symphony Pillow

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